Wednesday, August 23, 2017

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/22/2017!

Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

As August 2017 nears its end, the list of genre titles on DVD and Blu-ray has slimmed down dramatically. This week boasts a lot of TV shows on Blu-ray (e.g. ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES, LUCIFER, SUPERGIRL, and THE WALKING DEAD), plus a few cool titles from some of our favorite genre labels.

Shout! Factory gives us a double dose of Lou Ferrigno in HD with their release of HERCULES and THE ADVENTURES OF HERCULES II, Arrow Video delights SOCIETY fans with a gorgeous new limited edition Steelbook, and the American Genre Film Archive gives quasi-snuff thriller EFFECTS some love on Blu-ray!

Also worth noting is Marvel's release of James Gunn's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2. Not only is it out on DVD and Blu-ray, but Marvel also made it their first ever 4K UHD title! (Way to go James!)

There are a handful of other releases this week, so scroll down to scope 'em all out!

Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 2
Blood Ransom
Daredevil: The Complete Second Season
Funny Bones
Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Jessica Jones: The Complete First Season
Kill Switch
Lucifer: The Complete Second Season
Supergirl: The Complete Second Season
Visit to a Small Planet
The Walking Dead: Season 7

The Adventures of Hercules II
Beyond the Boundary - I'll Be Here
My Blue Heaven (Warner Archive Collection)
Society (Limited Edition Steelbook)

Dark Silence
Dead Story
The Domicile
Hitler's Last Train
Naughty Nymphs
Root of Darkness
A Wrinkle in Time
Zombies Have Fallen

Holiday Horrors Triple Feature
Contains: Paranormal Halloween, Deadly XMas, and Summer Camp Massacre.

The VAULT-CAST returns with two new episodes!

It's been a long time coming, but THE VAULT-CAST has finally returned! We're trying to maintain a new monthly schedule (as opposed to, "whenever"), and so far we are off to a good start with two new consecutive episodes!

Released on July 29th, our "Shin Guards" cast features an in-depth review and analysis of SHIN GOJIRA... while we drove home from the theater and avoided potholes! This latest entry into the Godzilla series has been pretty divisive, but we both enjoyed it and went to bat for what is likely the most realistic kaiju political drama ever made! You can download this episode now from LibSyn, or stream it below!

Our newest episode (released today!) is a short one that focuses on VERSUS films! We discuss the major players (e.g. KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, FREDDY VS. JASON, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR) and the fundamental flaws inherent to cinematic crossovers. Are versus films all broken, and if so, is there a way to fix them? The answer to both questions is a definite YES! Enjoy this short (but sweet) Vault-Cast as your hosts toss back some cold ones, take potshots at each other, and somehow once again go off on a Godzilla tangent. (Like we do every episode!) Stream it below or download it HERE.

Thanks for listening Vault Dwellers, and be sure to tune in next month for our long-planned show focusing on dinosaur movies! From its primeval cinematic roots (THE LOST WORLD, KING KONG) to its modern day resurgence (JURASSIC WORLD), we plan on covering the entire history of dino-cinema in one mega-cast!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/15/2017!

Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

We're halfway through August (and yours truly is now officially another year older) and we've hit a dry spell Vault Dwellers! This week doesn't have much to brag about, but as always, there are several diamonds in the rough!

Shout! Factory gives MISSING IN ACTION a Collector's Edition release, Code Red heaps love upon ONE DARK NIGHT in their new Special Edition Blu-ray (and DVD), and Kino Lorber has released a new 50th Anniversary Blu-ray for THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY that you need to have in your spaghetti western collection!

There's also a few Stephen King re-releases (not surprising, with THE DARK TOWER being in theaters) and 20th Century Fox's ALIEN: COVENANT makes its 4K UHD and Blu-ray debut!

There's a bit more to get excited for, so scroll on down for this week's meager offering of genre releases!

Alien: Covenant
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season
Once Dark Night (Special Edition)
Once Upon A Time: The Complete Sixth Season
Shakes the Clown

Alien: 6-Film Collection
Children of Dune (Region Free Import from Umbrella Entertainment!)
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (50th Anniversary Edition)
Missing in Action (Collector's Edition)
Pet Sematary
Promethues (4K UHD)
The Scarehouse

The Dead Zone (1983)
Pet Sematary Two
Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter
Sheena: Queen of the Jungle Collection

Monday, August 14, 2017

Umbrella Entertainment's September Genre Releases!


Umbrella's August releases were impressive, but their September lineup is looking absolutely fantastic! Out of all of their upcoming titles, I am personally most excited for DARK AGE, which hasn't seen a legitimate release here in North America since the halcyon days of VHS! I'm also mega-excited for their new DVD of THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE, a superhero musical starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee that was directed by Philippe Mora (director of HOWLING III: THE MARSUPIALS and other cult favorites!).

But enough celebrating: Continue onward to learn more about the following titles, which will be available on September 6th!

DARK AGE (1987)

Synopsis: A classic tale of terror from the golden age of Aussie exploitation, DARK AGE features outback stalwart John Jarratt (WOLF CREEK) as Northern Territory wildlife ranger Steve Harris, a stoic survivor charged with conserving the ever diminishing crocodile population from encroaching hunters, hell-bent on destruction of the species.

Faced with formidable opposition from gung-ho hunter John Besser (Max Phipps, MAD MAX 2),
Steve is joined by girlfriend Cathy (Nikki Coghill, THE TIME GUARDIAN) and sets out to relocate a giant crocodile to a breeding ground sanctuary, well out of harm’s way. Aided by expert tracker Oondabund (Burnham
Burnham, GROUND ZERO) and Adjaral (David Gulpilil, THE TRACKER) the intrepid foursome risk life and limb in a terrifying journey that will test their nerves and transform the tranquil Territory waters into a raging red torrent of death!

Disc Specs:
Not Rated | Color | 90 minutes | Region Free
Video - 1080p Widescreen (16:9)
Audio - Dolby Digital 2.0

  • Audio Commentary with Actor John Jarratt
    and Executive Producer Antony I. Ginnane.
  • A Bicentenary with Bite: Revisiting Dark Age
  • Panel discussion with film historians Lee Gambin, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Emma Westwood, and Sally Christie.
  • Uncut Not Quite Hollywood Interviews with John Jarratt and Antony I. Ginnane,
  • Living With Crocodiles 
  • Original Trailer Remastered in HD
  • More extras TBA!

Synopsis: After single mother Carla Moran (Academy Award® nominee Barbara Hershey, BEACHES) is violated and attacked by a seemingly invisible force, she seeks the help of therapist Dr. Phil Sneiderman (Ron Silver, TIMECOP).

Convinced Carla’s traumatic past is more akin to self-harm than anything supernatural, Sneiderman dismisses the wild claim. However, an insistent Carla invites two college students with an interest in the paranormal to visit her house in order to help her foil another visit from her terrifying invisible attacker.

This title will also be available on DVD!

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 125 minutes | Region Free
Video - 1080p Widescreen (16:9)
Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1

  • Finding a Voice: A Conversation composer Charles Bernstein.
  • Robert McNaughton Remembers The Entity.
  • Theatrical Trailer.
  • Poster and Stills Gallery.


Synopsis: "Welcome to your new home... moving in was the easy part." Unaware of its dark and sinister history, a detective and his pregnant wife move into their dream home, sparking a chain of events destined to haunt them beyond their wildest nightmares.

Fearing their baby is being tormented by a supernatural force they seek the help of a renegade demonologist who must investigate the past to save the family.

OUT OF THE SHADOWS  is a terrifying tale of suburban mayhem in the creepy tradition of INSIDIOUS, THE CONJURING, and THE BABADOOK!

Disc Specs:
Not Rated | Color | 89 minutes | Region Free DVD
Video - 480p Widescreen (16:9)
Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1

  • TBA


Synopsis: Starring Alan Arkin (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS) as the most unusual of superheroes, and Christopher Lee (THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY) as his devilish archnemesis, this is a classic superhero satire! WWII Veteran Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin) was a national hero until labelled a socialist during the anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s.

Now an overweight alcoholic hiding in Australia - Who’s forgotten how to fly! - Invincible learns his arch
enemy Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee) is back, and has stolen the US Government’s latest super weapon. Can the Captain get on the wagon and learn again to soar? Or will Mr. Midnight and his army of henchmen destroy the world?

Disc Specs:
Rated PG | Color | 101 minutes | Region Free DVD
Video - 480p Widescreen (16:9)
Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1

  • TBA

Also available on September 6th from UMBRELLA ENTERTAINMENT:
All of the DVDs and Blu-rays mentioned in this post can be ordered directly from UMBRELLA ENTERTAINMENT, and are Region Free!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

ALIEN: COVENANT will hug your face on August 15th!


I was not a huge fan of PROMETHEUS, but I did enjoy its followup quite a bit. ALIEN: COVENANT is a solid entry into the franchise, and Michael Fassbender steals the show both as David, and a new synthetic human called Walter.

Also, if you plan on picking this up, but for some reason don't have all the other movies, there is a groovy new set featuring all six films be released Tuesday as well! You can order it HERE.

Synopsis: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an unchartered paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a terrifying threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Featuring an all-star cast including Academy Award Nominee Michael Fassbender (The X-MEN franchise, STEVE JOBS), Katherine Waterston (FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM), Billy Crudup (JACKIE), Danny McBride (THIS IS THE END) and Demián Bichir (THE HATEFUL EIGHT), ALIEN: COVENANT is loaded with bonus material!

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 122 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (2.39:1)
Audio - English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes - Prologue (Extended), Walter in Greenhouse, Oram and Daniels (Extended), Walter Visits Daniels, Daniels Bedroom Flashback, Jacob's Funeral (Extended), Ledwards Fall, Crossing the Plaza (Extended) , Daniels Thanks Walter, Rosenthal Prayer, Walter Reports Back, and Stairs to Eggroom (Extended).
  • USCSS Covenant (Featurettes) - Meet Walter, Phobos, and The Last Supper.
  • SECTOR 87 - PLANET 4 (Featurettes) - The Crossing, Advent, and David's Illustrations – Image Gallery. 
  • Master Class: Ridley Scott - Documentary on the making of Alien: Covenant.
  • Director Commentary by Ridley Scott
  • Production Gallery
Fans can also pick up exclusive editions of this title at Walmart, Target and Best Buy!
  • Walmart – Includes "Alien Day" fan art designed t-shirt!
  • Target – Comes with a 36-page book, featuring an inside look at David's Lab and the creatures of ALIEN COVENANT, plus behind-the-scenes photography and concept sketches!
  • Best Buy – Alien baby Xenomorph SteelBook!
ALIEN: COVENANT is available everywhere on Tuesday, August 15th on 4K UHD and on a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo pack! The film is guaranteed to have the best audio & video available, and has plenty of extras, so fans of the ALIEN series will definitely want to add it to their collection! Order it now from AMAZON or BULLMOOSE!

Spend ONE DARK NIGHT with Meg Tilly in Code Red's Newest Release!


While I am familiar with Tom McLoughlin, I must admit that anything past FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI and his band The Sloths is unknown territory for yours truly. So I'm very curious about Tom's ONE DARK NIGHT, especially since Code Red put so much effort into this release! Along with a new transfer and reversible cover art, they packed this Special Edition with tons of extras!

Synopsis: A world famous psychic is found dead along with several victims of his bizarre experiments. One the same day his body is interred in a mausoleum, high-schooler Julie Wells (Meg Tilly, PYSCHO II, THE BIG CHILL, BODY SNATCHERS) agrees to spend the night there all alone  as part of a hazing to join the clique, "The Sisters" (Robin Evans, E.G. Daily, Leslie Speights). Later that night, the sisters secretly return to torment Julie in an attempt to scare her out of her mind. But the girls are not alone.

The psychic s experiments continue even after death - on his own body and on the dozen resident corpses in various stages of decay. Soon they're exhumed and looking for fresh bodies! ONE DARK NIGHT haunts audiences' psyches with its claustrophobic setting, moody cinematography, foreboding score and ultra-realistic makeup effects. Tom McLoughlin (DATE WITH AN ANGEL, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES) directed this terrifying chiller which co-stars the great Adam West (Batman, Family Guy).

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 89 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio - DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

  • Brand New HD Master!
  • Audio Commentary with Director Tom McLoughlin and Writer Michael Hawes!
  • Work Print Version of the Film!
  • NEW! Commentary with Director Tom McLoughlin and Producer Michael Schroeder!
  • NEW! On-camera interviews with McLoughlin, Schroeder, Actress E.G. Daily, Make-up Person Paul Clemens, DP Hal Trussell, and Production Designer Craig Steams!
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
Undead psyhics, zombies, and Adam West?! Sign me up! ONE DARK NIGHT is currently available for purchase at BULLMOOSE and DIABOLIK DVD. It will also be available on AMAZON this coming Tuesday (August 15th)!

Shout! Factory's Collector's Edition of MISSING IN ACTION hits retailers on August 15th!


MISSING IN ACTION has been released countless times on DVD and Blu-ray, and all we've ever gotten as an extra was the trailer. Now with Shout! Factory's Collector's Edition of the film, we get a few new special features created just for this release, but it doesn't appear that the original theatrical trailer made the cut!

Synopsis: "The war isn't over until James Braddock brings back our POWs!" American servicemen are still being held captive in Vietnam – and it's up to one man to bring them home in this blistering, fast-paced action/adventure starring martial arts superstar Chuck Norris. Following a daring escape from a Vietnamese POW camp, Special Colonel James Braddock (Norris) is on a mission to locate and save MIA soldiers.

Aided by a beautiful State Department official (Lenore Kasdorf) and a former Army buddy (M. Emmet Walsh), Braddock amasses top secret information and state-of-the-art weaponry. Now this one-man army is prepared to blast his way into Vietnam ... but will he be able to blast his way back out?

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 102 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - TBA

  • NEW! Audio Commentary With Director Joseph Zito!
  • NEW! Interview With Writer James Bruner!
Yeah, that's pretty light for a Collector's Edition release (seriously though, no trailer?!) BUT that new Zito audio commentary is probably more than worth the price of admission. And the fact that this release is going for fifteen dollars (or less) at the moment, makes this enticing enough to warrant the purchase. Once again, MISSING IN ACTION: COLLECTOR'S EDITION comes out on Tuesday, August 15th and can be ordered now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD, or directly from SHOUT! FACTORY!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

On August 15th, THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY Goes 4K for its 50th Anniversary!


In all honesty, while I do enjoy this entry into the "Man With No Name Trilogy," its not my absolute favorite. That being said, I'm really excited for Kino Lorber's brand new 2-disc Blu-ray of this classic title, which two cuts of the film (both restored in 4K!) and hours of extras features! Read onward fellow spaghetti western fans, so that you can rationalize buying this film yet again!

Synopsis: "For three men the Civil War wasn't hell... it was practice!" By far the most ambitious, unflinchingly graphic and stylistically influential western ever made, THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY is a classic actioner shot through with a volatile mix of myth and realism. Screen legend Clint Eastwood (A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE) returns as "The Man with No Name," this time teaming with two gunslingers to pursue a cache of $200,000 and letting no one, not even warring factions in a civil war, stand in their way.

From sun-drenched panoramas to bold hard close-ups, exceptional camerawork captures the beauty and cruelty of the barren landscape and the hardened characters who stride unwaveringly through it.  Hailed as "pure cinema" by Robert Rodriguez and "the best directed movie of all time" by Quentin Tarantino, this epic masterpiece was directed by the great Sergio Leone (ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST) and co-starred Lee Van Cleef (DEATH RIDES A HORSE, SABATA) as Angel Eyes, and Eli Wallach (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) in the role of Tuco.

Disc Specs:
Not Rated | Color | 163 & 179 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (2.35:1)
Audio - English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0 & Italian DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

  • NEW! 4K transfer of the Original U.S. Theatrical Cut Available for the first time in HD!
  • NEW! Audio Commentary by Film Historian Tim Lucas!
  • Trailers From Hell with Ernest Dickerson.
  • Restored 1967 UA Logo
  • Alternate Scene: The Optical Flip
  • Deleted Scenes 
  • Animated behind-the-scenes image gallery.
  • Posters & Lobby Cards animated image gallery.
  • Sergio Leone Westerns: Original Theatrical Trailers.

  • 4K transfer of the Extended Cut!
  • Audio Commentary by Film Historian Richard Schickel
  • Audio Commentary By Noted Cultural Historian Sir Christopher Frayling
  • Leone's West: Making Of Documentary
  • Il Maestro: Ennio Morricone and GBU Featurette Part 1
  • Il Maestro: Ennio Morricone and GBU Featurette Part 2
  • The Leone Style: On Sergio Leone Featurette
  • The Man Who Lost The Civil War: Civil War Documentary
  • Reconstruction: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly 
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Original U.S. Theatrical Trailer
  • Original French Theatrical Trailer
Kino Lorber's 2-Disc Blu-ray of THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY seems like a worthwhile upgrade (though it apparently isn't the definitive release, according to this review), and you can order it now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, and DIABOLIK DVD!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/08/2017!

Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

It's Tuesday, so that means one thing Vault Dwellers: NEW DVDS & BLU-RAYS! This week there are plenty of awesome titles to stock your vault with! Arrow Video gives us a definitive release of RE-ANIMATOR, featuring two versions of the movie, multiple cast & crew interviews, and a new feature-length documentary about the film!

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Scream Factory fires back with Collector's Edition Blu-rays of TEEN WOLF and TEEN WOLF TOO. The former boasts a feature-length documentary and new HD transfer, while the latter has a number of interviews with the cast of the sequel! Scream also gives us a cool double feature of NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS and THE LORELEY'S GRASP!

Also be on the lookout for a few titles from Shout! Factory today, including a nice 20th Anniversary Steelbook of FARGO and the complete CINEMATIC TITANIC collection!

There's still plenty of other new titles out today (lots of new direct-to-DVD fare!), so scroll down to see the full list!

Among Us
The Dinner
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Kung Fu Yoga
Master of the Drunken Fist: Beggar So
Master fo the Shadowless Kick: Wing Kei-Ying
Tenement: Game of Survival
World War Blue

Fargo (20th Anniversary Steelbook)
Fatal Fury: The Movie
King of Breasts: The Complete Collection
Night of the Sorcerers / The Loreley's Grasp (Double Feature)
Re-Animator (2-Disc Limited Edition)
Teen Wolf (Collector's Edition)
Teen Wolf Too (Collector's Edition)

Adam K
Altered Spirits
Amelia 2.0
Apostle of Dracula
Bad Ass Babes 2
Bravengers: Age of Buldgetron
Cinematic Titanic: The Complete Collection
Dead Story
Diamond Cartel
Dimension Z
The Forbidden Cinema Collection: Bundle #2
Forbidden Cinema Vol. 19 - Ultra Rare Smokers
Haunted Maze
The Haunting at Woodland Hills
Midget Zombie Takeover
Midnight Scream Show: The Horror Within
Power Rangers - Operation Overdrive: The Complete Series
Robert Weine's FEAR
Theatre Fantastique: The Complete Series
Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh
The Transfiguration

Goodbye Godzilla: Suitmation legend Haruo Nakajima has passed on.

RIP - Haruo Nakajima (January 1, 1929 - August 7, 2017)
It is with a heavy heart, that I bid farewell to actor Haruo Nakajima, who passed away yesterday at the age of 88. Starting out as a little-known actor playing bit parts, Nakajima eventually cemented himself as a staple of kaiju movies, with the release of 1954's GOJIRA. As the first person to ever climb inside a Godzilla suit, Nakajima instantly became a trailblazer, and would continue to portray the King of the Monsters in eleven more Showa era films.

But his bragging rights do not stop there: Nakajima-san was also the first to don the suits of other popular giant Japanese monsters, including Rodan, Mothra, Mogera (in THE MYSTERIANS), Varan, Baragon, Gaira (the Green Gargantua), and Gezora (from SPACE AMOEBA, aka YOG: MONSTER FROM SPACE).

As a lifelong Godzilla fan, I've managed to get my paws on tons of collectibles featuring my favorite mon-star. But all of that stuff (movies, soundtracks, action figures, Christmas ornaments, comic books, posters, etc.) pales in comparison to meeting Haruo Nakajima in person! It's an experience that I shall treasure always!

I could barely contain the joy of meeting my childhood hero!

I met Nakajima-san at Chiller Theatre in October 2014. Despite the fact that I had to get up early and drive to Parsippany, NJ, I foolishly attended a 35mm EVIL DEAD film festival the night before in Syracuse, NY. Because of this, I was running on approximately three hours of sleep on my way to Chiller. Once there, I waited in line for an agonizingly long period of time, just to get into the hotel. Then I waited nearly two more hours just to be in the same room as Nakajima-san, as well as Kenpachiro Satsuma and Tsutomo Kitagawa, two other notable Godzilla performers.

In the end, it was well worth the lack of sleep and long lines, because I got to meet a living legend! I was able to shake the hand of the surviving member of Godzilla's "Founding Fathers, which at one time also included the amazing quartet of Director Ishiro Honda, Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, Composer Akira Ifukube, and Special Effects Supervisor Eiji Tsuburaya! Nakajima signed my old Ian Thorne Godzilla book (which he seemed to puzzle over for a moment), and gave me a quick photo op.

But before parting ways, I issued him a heartfelt thanks for bringing me hours upon hours of joy during my tumultuous childhood. Although I'm not quite sure he understood everything I said, there was no mistaking my excitement and enthusiasm. (Unbridled joy is a universal language!) Sadly, this would end up being the first and last interaction I would ever have with Nakajima-san.

I will treasure this always!
While that realization fills me with sorrow, I take solace in the fact that I had the opportunity to meet one of my heroes. On top of that, Nakajima-san's filmography is readily available, so we can continue to enjoy all of the films that he starred in as our favorite kaiju characters. As long as we keep Haruo Nakajima's memory alive, he will never truly be gone, and we can continue to enjoy, and share, his legacy with newer generations!

Thank you Nakajima-san: You will be missed, but you will not be forgotten! And though we may meet again in another place, for the time being, I must sadly say....
Goodbye now Godzilla, Goodbye now Godzilla, until then.
Take care now Godzilla, take care now Godzilla, my old friend.
Sayonara till we meet again.
To Haruo Nakajima's family, friends, and fans, please accept my deepest sympathies in your time of mourning. But take heart knowing that he was well-loved, and will long be remembered for his contributions to (kaiju) cinema.

- The Vault Master

Friday, August 4, 2017

Scream Factory gives you a double dose of hairy palms with TEEN WOLF and TEEN WOLF TOO!


TEEN WOLF has been one of my fave 80s flicks since forever! It has a memorable cast of characters, fairly decent makeup f/x, good tunes (Win In The End for the win!), and has a warm gooey message of "being true to oneself." The sequel.... not so much...

And though I would have preferred both films paired up in a single double-feature release, the new transfers and extras more than make up for it! If you're a fan of both films (i.e. TEEN WOLF, because honestly, who is even remotely excited for the sequel? Besides me?) then scroll on down to see the fulls specs and extras so that you can rationalize adding them to your collection!

TEEN WOLF Synopsis: "He Always Wanted To Be Special … But He Never Expected This!" Like all teenagers, Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox, the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy) is going through some … changes. But unlike the rest of the students at Beacontown High School, Scott's changes include long hair that covers his entire body, claw-like fingernails, fangs, a heightened sense of smell, superhuman strength and the extraordinary ability to … play basketball? And that's just the beginning.

Naturally, these uncanny new features turn this lovable loser into the most popular kid in school. But by embracing his newly minted popularity, has the "Teen Wolf" lost sight of what it truly means to be Scott Howard?

Disc Specs:
Rated PG | Color | 91 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

  • NEW! High-Definition Film Transfer Taken From The Interpositive!
  • Never. Say. Die. The Story Of Teen Wolf – A Comprehensive Documentary About The Making And Legacy Of The Film, Including Brand-new Interviews With The Cast And Crew! (Run-time: 143 minutes!)
  • ​Original Theatrical Trailer
  • ​Still Gallery
Whoa! A new HD transfer plus a nearly two-and-a-half documentary?! That's totally worth the price of admission! You can order TEEN WOLF: COLLECTOR'S EDITION now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD, or SHOUT! FACTORY! If you order from Shout! your disc will also come with a rolled 18x24 poster featuring the new key cover art! (While supplies last.)

TEEN WOLF TOO Synopsis: "High School Was Easy, But College Is A Whole Different Animal!" Jason Bateman (HORRIBLE BOSSES) stars as Todd Howard, a Hamilton University freshman with a full athletic scholarship — only Todd has no idea why, since he's far more interested in veterinary medicine than sports. But his boxing coach, Bobby Finstock, is very familiar with the Howard family secret and he's hoping he can use it to his advantage.

When the whole school — including Todd — finds out that he's a werewolf with superhuman abilities, Todd's popularity skyrockets and he becomes the big wolf on campus. But is his fame a gift? Or a curse?

And can he keep it from getting in the way of the relationships he has with his best friends and girlfriend? Perhaps a little guidance from his professor (Kim Darby, TRUE GRIT), who has a secret of her own, may help Todd learn the biggest lesson of all.

Disc Specs:
Rated PG | Color | 91 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - TBA (Assuming DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0)

  • Working With The Wolf – An Interview With Director Christopher Leitch.
  • Otherworldly – An Interview With Co-star Kim Darby.
  • A Man of Great ‘Stiles’ - An Interview With Co-star Stuart Fratkin.
  • Nerdy Girl Saves the Day – An Interview With Co-star Estee Chandler.
  • A Wolf In ‘80s Clothing – A Look At The Wardrobe Of Teen Wolf Too With Costume Designer Heidi Kaczenski.
  • Still Gallery
TEEN WOLF TOO: COLLECTOR'S EDITION also premieres on Tuesday, August 8th and will be available at AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD, and SHOUT! FACTORY. As is the case with TEEN WOLF, if you order the sequel directly from Shout!, you will get a poster with it! (Again, while supplies last.)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

James Gunn's SLITHER: Now available on Collector's Edition Blu-ray from Scream Factory!


I adored SLITHER when it hit theaters back in 2006, and was saddened to see it flop. (That's what happens when the studio has no idea how to promote your film. See also NIGHTBREED.)

So you can imagine the sheer joy I experienced when I found out that Gunn's film had garnered enough of a cult following to become part of Scream Factory's lineup! Now SLITHER finally has received the love it to richly deserves!

Synopsis: From the co-writer and director of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 1 & 2 and SUPER, comes the deliciously demented story of an unnamed evil wreaking havoc on a small town. Intent on devouring all life on Earth, this dark and slimy entity is infecting anyone in its path. Now it's up to the local sheriff, Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion, Firefly, SERENITY), and his team to stop the spread of rampant devastation – and shocking mutilation – before it's too late!

This outrageously funny horror film also stars Michael Rooker (Yondu in both GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films, The Walking Dead), Elizabeth Banks (THE HUNGER GAMES, PITCH PERFECT) and Gregg Henry (BODY DOUBLE, JASON BOURNE).

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 96 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 & 2.0

  • NEW! Audio Commentary With Writer/Director James Gunn and Actors Nathan Fillion, and Michael Rooker!
  • NEW! The Genesis Of SLITHER – An Interview With Writer/Director James Gunn.
  • NEW! The Other MacReady – An Interview With Actor Gregg Henry.
  • Audio Commentary With James Gunn And Nathan Fillion (From 2006)
  • Deleted And Extended Scenes With Optional Commentary By James Gunn
  • Visual Effects: Step By Step
  • Slithery Set Tour With Actor Nathan Fillion
  • The Sick Minds And Slimy Days Of SLITHER
  • Brewing The Blood – How To Make Blood
  • Bringing SLITHER's Creatures To Life
  • Lloyd Kaufman's Video Diary
  • Gag Reel
  • Who Is Bill Pardy? Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer
Scream Factory's new Collector's Edition of SLITHER is definitely a must-own in my book, and is probably the most comprehensive release of this film we'll ever get. You can buy it right now from AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD, or directly from SHOUT! FACTORY.

SHIN GODZILLA is ready to nuke your Blu-ray collection!


SHIN GODZILLA (aka SHIN GOJIRA, GODZILLA: RESURGENCE) has garnered fans and detractors alike since its brief theatrical release last October. And now it is available, in all of its glory, on Blu-ray (and DVD) from FUNimation. If you enjoyed this movie as much as "Silent" Steve and I did, then add it to your Godzilla collection today!

Synopsis: Make way for the ultimate homage to one of the most enduring legends of the big screen - Godzilla! The King of the Monsters is back in Tokyo for a city-crushing crusade that speaks to the very roots of the world-renowned franchise.

It’s a peaceful day in Japan when a strange fountain of water erupts in the bay, causing panic to spread among government officials. At first, they suspect only volcanic activity, but one young executive dares to wonder if it may be something different… something alive. His worst nightmare comes to life when a massive, gilled monster emerges from the deep and begins tearing through the city, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.

As the government scrambles to save the citizens, a rag-tag team of volunteers cuts through a web of red tape to uncover the monster’s weakness and its mysterious ties to a foreign superpower. But time is not on their side as the greatest catastrophe to ever befall the world is about to evolve right before their very eyes.

Disc Specs:
Not Rated | Color | 120 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (16:9)
Audio - Japanese and English Dolby TrueHD 3.1

  • Godzilla vs. The Nerds Interview
  • Trailers
For twenty-five dollars (or more), you'd think that this release would have contained a good number of extras. (Especially when you consider that the Japanese release was apparently loaded with goodies.) Regardless, it's a new Japanese Godzilla film, and if you are a big fan of the character, this is a must own. SHIN GODZILLA is available now and can be purchased at AMAZON, BULLMOOSE, or DIABOLIK DVD!

Introducing THE INTRUDER: Another lost film rescued by Garagehouse Pictures!


I happily own many of the titles released by Garagehouse Pictures, a relatively new label that acts as a rescue shelter for forgotten films. Their trio of TRAILER TRAUMA compilations are fantastic, and because of this company, I discovered (and subsequently fell in love with) NINJA BUSTERS!

And once again (see also THE DISMEMBERED), they've gone above and beyond to bring fans of Horror cinema an obscure slasher title! I am so stoked for this movie, and can't wait to pick up a copy of it in the very near future!

Synopsis: Mickey (THE MANIPULATOR) Rooney, Yvonne (THE MUNSTERS) De Carlo, Ted (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) Cassidy, and Chris (STANLEY) Robinson (who also wrote, produced and directed) star in a story of greed, murder and irrational madness. The lust for gold brings eleven visitors to a remote island retreat, but an unseen, seemingly unstoppable evil follows to stalk them one by one.

The bodies don't stop dropping until the final shattering conclusion. Who or what is THE INTRUDER? One thing is for certain: It will not stop until it kills them all! Pre-dating the slasher movie craze that would become popular several years later, THE INTRUDER is a bloody Agatha Christie-style horror thriller with a body count that rivals FRIDAY THE 13TH and BAY OF BLOOD, with creepy photography by Jack (DERANGED, DEATHDREAM) McGowan.

Garagehouse Pictures is pleased to introduce Chris Robinson's never-before-released 1975 "proto-slasher" on Blu-ray, in a painstakingly restored High Definition transfer from the only 35mm film print in existence!

Disc Specs:
Not Rated | Color | 87 minutes | Region Free
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - Mono

  • NEW! 4K transfer from only known 35mm print, presented in its original aspect ratio!
  • Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks!
  • Audio commentary with Chris Robinson!
  • Archival interview with Chris Robinson!
  • Liner notes.
  • Garagehouse Pictures trailers!
You can pick up a copy of THE INTRUDER right now from AMAZON or DIABOLIK DVD! Wary about buying this Horror flick that was nearly lost to the annals of time? Then scope out the trailer below before you make your final decision!

Also, feel free to scope out this comparison of the original film elements and the 4K restored transfer. Wow, what a difference!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Scream Factory now offering up a trio of John Carpenter classics in Limited Edition Steelbooks!


I've never been big on collecting steelbook releases (I've double-dipped enough thank you), but sometimes I will splurge on one if it looks appealing enough to me. That being said, had I not already owned these Scream Factory titles, I would be all over the new Steelbooks!

Aside from fancy new artwork, all the extras and transfers are exactly the same as before. This is strictly something for the steelbook crowd! Everyone else, just move along and stop grumbling about it, especially since Scream Factory dropped several other new titles today as well!


Synopsis: A thrilling landmark film that jolts along at a breakneck pace, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK leapt to cult status with high-octane action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and the mind-blowing vision of lone warrior Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) battling his way out of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan!

In a world ravaged by crime, the entire island of Manhattan has been converted into a walled prison where brutal prisoners roam. But when the US president (Donald Pleasence) crash-lands inside, only one man can bring him back: notorious outlaw and former Special Forces war hero Snake Plissken (Russell). But time is short. In 24 hours, an explosive device implanted in his neck will end Snake's mission – and his life – unless he succeeds!

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 98 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (2.35:1)
Audio - English DTS-Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0

  • 2K Scan Of The Interpositive, Struck From The Original Negative!
  • Audio Commentary With Actress Adrienne Barbeau And Director Of Photography Dean Cundey!
  • Audio Commentary With Director John Carpenter And Actor Kurt Russell!
  • Audio Commentary With Producer Debra Hill And Production Designer Joe Alves!

  • Big Challenges In Little Manhattan: The Visual Effects Of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK
  • Scoring The Escape: A Discussion With Composer Alan Howarth
  • On Set With John Carpenter: The Images Of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK With Photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker.
  • I Am Taylor: An Interview With Actor Joe Unger.
  • My Night On The Set: An Interview With Filmmaker David DeCoteau.
  • Deleted Scene: The Original Opening Bank Robbery Sequence
  • Return To Escape From New York Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Photo Galleries – Behind-The-Scenes, Posters And Lobby Cards

Synopsis: When the fog rolls in ... the terror begins! This moody horror classic from master of terror John Carpenter (THE THING) and producer Debra Hill (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK) stars Adrienne Barbeau (SWAMP THING), Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN), Tom Atkins (HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH), Hal Holbrook (CREEPSHOW) and Janet Leigh (PSYCHO). Don't get lost in the fog ...

The sleepy seaside village of Antonio Bay is about to learn the true meaning of the word "vengeance." This seemingly perfect town masks a guilty secret ... a past steeped in greed and murder. Exactly 100 years ago, a ship was horribly wrecked under mysterious circumstances in a thick, eerie fog. Now, shrouded in darkness, the long-dead mariners have returned from their watery grave to exact a bloody revenge.

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 90 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (2.35:1)
Audio -  DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono

  • 1080p High-Definition Transfer Supervised By Cinematographer Dean Cundey!
  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director John Carpenter And Writer/Producer Debra Hill.
  • Audio Commentary With Actors Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, And Production Designer Tommy Lee Wallace.
  • Interview With Jamie Lee Curtis. 
  • Tales From The Mist: Inside The Fog Featurette
  • Fear On Film: Inside The Fog Featurette
  • The Fog: Storyboard To Film Featurette
  • Horror's Hallowed Grounds – A Look At The Film's Locations
  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Photo Gallery


Synopsis: They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. THEY LIVE.

Horror master John Carpenter (HALLOWEEN, THE THING) directs this heart-pounding thriller in which aliens are systematically gaining control of the Earth by masquerading as humans and lulling the public into submission. Humanity's last chance lies with a lone drifter who stumbles upon a harrowing discovery — a unique pair of sunglasses that reveals the terrifying and deadly truth.
Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 93 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (2.35:1)
Audio - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0

  • Audio Commentary With Writer/Director John Carpenter And Actor Roddy Piper.
  • Independent Thoughts – An Interview With Writer/Director John Carpenter.
  • Man Vs. Aliens – An Interview With Actor Keith David.
  • Woman Of Mystery– An Interview With Actress Meg Foster.
  • Watch, Look, Listen: The Sights & Sounds Of They Live – A look At The Visual Style, Stunts And Music With Director Of Photography Gary B. Kibbe, Stunt Coordinator Jeff Imada, and Co-Composer Alan Howarth.
  • Original EPK: The Making Of They Live 
  • Never-Before-Seen Footage From Commercials Created For The Film
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Still Gallery

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/01/2017!

Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Greetings Vault Dwellers, and welcome to the first STOCK YOUR VAULT post of August 2017! The month is starting off rather slow, but there are a ton of great titles that you'll want to add to your collections ASAP!

Nacho Vigalondo's COLOSSAL makes its Blu-ray debut as does Toho's latest entry into the Godzilla franchise, the controversial SHIN GODZILLA. Kino Lorber gave the Macaulay Culkin thriller THE GOOD SON a special edition Blu-ray release, and Garagehouse Pictures rescued THE INTRUDER from total obscurity.

But the king of the week is (unsurprisingly) Scream Factory gang! They've released a few indie titles (THE HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET and DON'T KNOCK TWICE), a Collector's Edition Blu of James Gunn's SLITHER, and a trio of nice Steelbook's for THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and THEY LIVE!

There's not too much else out this week, but do scroll down just a tad to take it all in!

The Circle
Don't Knock Twice
The House on Willow Street
League of Gods
Mobile Suit Gundam The Origins: The Chronicle of Char and Sayla Collection
Phoenix Forgotten
Young Dracula: The Complete 5th Season

Escape from New York (Steelbook)
The Fog (Steelbook)
The Good Son (Special Edition)
The Intruder
Shin Godzilla
Slither (Collector's Edition)
They Live (Steelbook)

Death Tunnel
The Phantom of the Opera (1962)
The Quija Collection
The Secret World of Alex Mack: The Complete Series

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cinespectral Films, We Hardly Knew Ye. [UPDATED]

This past March, we here at the News Vault posted about an upcoming Blu-ray release of ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK (which has since been taken down). This limited edition Blu-ray was being spearheaded by a fledgling company called Cinspectral Films. After pre-ordering my copy (as well as a copy of their also-promised HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN Mediabook release), I sat and waited along with hundreds of others as the first release date came and went.

Some folks were understandably perturbed, and those that were angry received refunds with little to no trouble. But many of us hung in there. And then the second release date was missed and rescheduled. And then the third. Each time, the poor manufacturing on the Mediabooks  was cited as the reason for the delay. On top of that, their online store was typically down, supposedly due to frequent DDoS attacks. It was worrisome, but still, hundreds(?) of us hung in there...

Then earlier this evening, I saw someone on Facebook had posted a translated forum post from CineFacts, that was written by someone from Cinepspectral. It was not good news....
Re: Elvira - Mistress of the Dark Limited Mediabook Edition (3x1000)

We would like to announce that ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK on Blu-ray is canceled until further notice. All customers will receive their money back during the week.

Cinespectral Films will cease operations after completion of the repurchases. When and how it goes on with Elvira on Blu-ray you will soon find elsewhere. Our other 3 titles will also find a good home, so you will not have to do without the films. This will also go out to all customers via e-mail, please be patient. We say goodbye.
Rumor has it that a FOURTH delay was imminent, leading to someone in charge quitting out of frustration. Whether that's true or not, it's obvious that Cinespectral is shuttering its doors, even thought they hadn't officially released anything yet. This is a total shame because their Limited Edition Blu-ray of ELVIRA was boasting new cover art, tons of new and vintage extras, and a 4K transfer of the film. Better yet, this release was Region Free so it would've been playable worldwide. 

For those of you who pre-ordered, I wouldn't rely 100% on the promises of a refund from this now defunct company, so consider filing a PayPal claim ASAP! (Disputes can only be filed within 180 days of payment!) If that option isn't working, you can try to contact someone at Cinespectral via e-mail ( or on Facebook!

Here's hoping that ELVIRA, HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN, FUNNY MAN, and any other titles that Cinespectral owned, get released by another distributor. (i.e. Arrow Video or Scream/Shout! Factory)

Dear Customers,
We have to apologize for the recent silence. Unfortunately we have to confirm that the release of ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK and HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN on Blu-ray for now is being put on hold. We were forced to face another delay which would have put the release into mid-September, which obviously would have been outside of the purchase protection period for all customers of the first two weeks of pre-order.

The general management decided that ALL customers will get their money refunded within the next 7 business days. Once that will be completed we will cease all activities. However, rumors that the company went into administration are entirely made up. Please note that we will work down the list of transactions in sequence of orders (starting with orders from 7th of March). PayPal complaints will be handled besides that, so delays on such refunds might appear.

A few customers sent us "payment-requests" for the total amount of their orders. We will decline such requests. We are working down all refunds / complaints like written above. Every transaction has to be handled manually to be refunded. We apologize, but this might take some time. We are aware of technical PayPal issues which are connected with come 11th of August date, however that is in no connection to our account.

Complaints/Refunds are already handled right now. For the customers who asked if the contents of our set might resurface on another release, there is a good chance right now that another German company will release the set in the way it was planned.

Cinespectral Films
So there you have it Vault Dwellers, the Cinespectral saga has ended and it looks like some other company is going to buy the distribution rights and release ELVIRA and FROGTOWN instead. Kind of a bummer, but at least we'll all finally have closure (and refunds)!