Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 09/29/2015!

September's over and you know what that means: Only 31 days 'til Halloween! (Sil-ver Sham-rock!) It's time to stock up on fright flicks, and luckily it seems like you can save most of your dough this week. There's not too much to brag about aside from Sony's CHRISTINE Blu-ray disc (which is a far more affordable release than the Limited Twilight Time Blu-ray), and Kino Lorber's SAVAGE WEEKEND (available on both DVD and Blu-ray).

There are a ton of direct-to-DVD titles though, and a must-own DVD set of Cannon Films titles that includes the all new ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE STORY OF CANNON FILMS documentary!

Scroll on down to see what's new this week, but remember, Halloween is coming and so are numerous genre titles on DVD & Blu-ray that you will want to own (e.g. Scream Factory's ARMY OF DARKNESS 3-DISC COLLECTOR'S EDITION), so plan accordingly fellow collector's of physical media!

Bleading Lady
George: A Zombie Intervention
Grimm: Season 4
Poltergeist (2015)
Savage Weekend

The Honeymoon Killers (Criterion)

3's a Shroud
Agents of P.O.W.E.R.
The Bigfoot Diaries
Bloody Indulgent
The Cain Complex
Chillers II
Creature from the Haunted Sea & Ski Troop Attack (Double Feature)
Deadly Revisions
Death's Door
Dracula, Lord of the Damned
I Remember You
Japanese Horror Stories
Killing Brooke
Last Girl
Monster Madness: The Counter Culture to Blockbusters
A Plague so Pleasant
Queen Crab
Scream Machine
Shocker & Virus (Double Feature)
Terror of the Black Mask
When Animals Dream
Zombie Boy

8-Film Action Collection
Contains: Red Cliff, The Warlords, Legend of the Tsunami Warrior, Vanquisher, Chocolate, Raging Phoenix, The Bodyguard, and Dynamite Warrior.

The Cannon Films Collection
Contains: Missing in Action, Invasion U.S.A., Cobra, The Delta Force, Masters of the Universe, Over the Top, Bloodsport, The Hitman, Hellbound, and Electric Boogaloo: The Untold Story of Cannon Films.

Donald Cammell's WHITE OF THE EYE coming to Scream Factory Blu-ray in November!


Scream Factory continues working their magic by releasing another genre film I am not familiar with. Guess I'll just add it to my ever-growing want-list of their titles.

Film Synopsis: A twisted killer is on the loose. He tortures and dissects his victims as part of a primitive ritual. If you’re a wealthy, attractive woman, stay out of isolated desert community, because you are fair game. Housewife Joan White gradually comes to suspect that her opera-loving husband Paul might know more than he’s letting on...

All the clues lead to one man who is clearly innocent. But nothing is as simple as black and white in Donald Cammell’s 1987 suspense thriller WHITE OF THE EYE!

Golden Globe nominees David Keith (AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, FIRESTARTER, DAREDEVIL) and Cathy Moriarty (RAGING BULL, CASPER) star in this shocking mystery-thriller directed by Donald Cammell (DEMON SEED and co-director of PERFORMANCE). The film also features an eclectic score by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Rick Fenn (10cc).

DVD/Blu-ray Specs:
Color | Rated R | 111 minutes | Region 1 DVD / Region A Blu-ray
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - N/A

Special Features:
  • NEW Into the Vortex – an interview with actor Alan Rosenberg.
  • NEW Eye of the Detective – an interview with actor Art Evans.
  • Audio Commentary by Donald Cammell biographer Sam Umland.
  • Deleted Scenes with commentary by Sam Umland.
  • Into the White - an Interview with cinematographer and steadicam operator Larry McConkey.
  • Alternate Credit Sequence
  • Flashback Sequences prior to the Bleach Bypass process.

WHITE OF THE EYE will be available everywhere on November 10th, and retails for about $30. You can get a it from AMAZON.COM, or you could order this DVD/Blu-ray combo directly from SHOUT! FACTORY and receive it TWO WEEKS EARLY!

Keep up the bang-up job Scream Factory!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 09/22/2015!

Holy cow! I can't believe that September is almost over with! Just one more week, and then it's time to prepare for my favorite holiday of the year: HALLOWEEN! If you're looking to add a few new Horror flicks to your collection so you can watch them next month, there are a few worth picking up this week.

Scream Factory has released their delayed blu-ray of THE SENTINEL, Severin Films unveiled their new TURKEY SHOOT blu-ray, and Arrow Films have finally put out their delayed 2-Disc Special Edition of Tobe Hooper's EATEN ALIVE! Not quite in the holiday spirit yet? Well you could enjoy some blaxploitation goodness, courtesy of Olive Films, with their new blu-ray discs of BLACK CAESAR and SLAUGHTER!

There's a good variety of mainstream releases, as well as other cult titles out today. Scroll down to see the full list!

Arrow: The Complete Third Season
Black Caesar
The Dead / The Dead 2 (Double Feature)
The Flash: Season 1
Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko's Curse
The Invisible Monster (A Republic Serial)
Madhouse (1990)
Turkey Shoot

The Destructors
Eaten Alive (2-Disc Special Edition)
Lisa (1990)
Mannequin 2: On the Move
Rocky Horror Picture Show: 40th Anniversary Collection
The Satan Bug
The Sentinel
Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo
Tokyo Ghoul: The Complete First Season
The Woods

AB Negative
Bikini Car Wash Academy
Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride
Creature From the Haunted Sea (Widescreen)
The Devil's Partner
The Devil's Triangle
Judy: The Name for Terror
Mystery of the Mary Celeste
Secrets of a Pyschopath
Spring Thaw
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
The Walk

Friday, September 18, 2015


As we rocket towards Halloween season, a lot of new genre films will be hitting theaters, store shelves, and Video On Demand! Here are the trailers for four more flicks you should all keep an eye out for, between now and the end of October!

This outrageous new horror-comedy stars Elija Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill! They're part of the besieged faculty at a grade school, who are fighting for their lives against vicious, infected, cannibalistic children! After eating tainted chicken nuggets during a school lunch, a young girl becomes infected with a highly volatile virus that turns her, and anyone she scratches or bites, into a mini rage zombie!

This movie looks awesome, and sports some great tunes by film score composer KRENG. Check out the trailer and get excited because COOTIES opens in select theaters TODAY! (And will also be available on various On Demand services!)

A group of high school outcasts decide to start up their own garage death metal band! In their bid for becoming cool, they steal some mysterious sheet music and unwittingly unleash an ancient evil upon their friends and family. Now it's up to these four losers to man-up, and stop a demonic force from destroying our world! This one looks like it's gonna be fun as hell; look for it on OCTOBER 2ND in select theaters and on Video On Demand!

You may now head-bang to the trailer!

NOTE: There is no release date set for HARDCORE yet. It opened in Russia back in March and has yet to make its North American debut.

Henry awakens to discover that his wife has turned him into a cyborg. Then suddenly, a psycho with telekinetic powers shows up with an army of mercs, captures Henry's wife, and leads to the world's first ever FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW, FEATURE LENGTH ACTION FILM! This movie looks insane! It's like a video game come to startling life! I want it in my eyeballs now!

Trick-or-treaters from Hell come knocking on the door of Dora (Chloe Rose), a teenager who has just discovered that she is pregnant. But these pint-sized Halloweeners aren't looking for candy: Dora's unborn child is the tasty treat they are after, and only Robert Patrick can stop them! This movie looks like it has taken some inspiration from TRICK R' TREAT, and has definitely piqued my interest.

HELLIONS is available On Demand, TODAY! (Might make a great double feature with COOTIES!) Check out the trailer and see if it makes you think twice about opening the door to any trick-or-treaters this year!

I hope you enjoyed the trailers and found at least one title to get excited about! Check back soon for more cool movie trailers, posters, news, and MORE, right here at The B-Movie News Vault!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Scope out the new holographic foil poster of Ghost Rider from Grey Matter Art!

Today, Grey Matter Art added another awesome piece of art to their growing catalog! Officially licensed from Marvel, and created by artist Chris Skinner, this bad-ass GHOST RIDER print is limited to 125 copies, for $60 apiece! Scope it below, then order it HERE.

 This print is available NOW, so don't miss out on it! Order it ASAP from Grey Matter Art!

Scream Factory gives you a double dose of TALES FROM THE CRYPT this Halloween season!


I am an unapologetic fan of DEMON KNIGHT. It has a great premise, and outstanding cast, and has remained as one of my all-time favorite genre films. BORDELLO OF BLOOD, while not nearly as good, is still a lot of fun in it's own right, and I cannot wait to add these to my personal collection!

Film Synopses: DEMON KNIGHT - A mysterious drifter known as Brayker (William Sadler) possesses the last of seven ancient keys that hold the power to stop the forces of darkness and protect all humanity from ultimate evil. But the human race is safe only so long as Brayker can evade the demonic Collector (Billy Zane) who has gathered the other six keys.

In his obsessive quest for the key, the Collector rallies an army of ghastly cadavers against Brayker and the inhabitants of a run-down hotel. Armed with automatic weapons, sacred blood and sadistic humor, Brayker and the strong-willed Jeryline (Jada Pinkett-Smith) must lead the other guests in a gruesome battle against the Collector and his evil horde of ghouls.

Infested with a talented cast, thrilling special effects and the crypt keeper's deadpan delights, DEMON KNIGHT is directed by genre vet Ernest Dickerson (THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER, MASTERS OF HORROR) and features a strong cast, including Billy Zane (TITANIC), William Sadler (IRON MAN 3, BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY), Jada Pinkett (GOTHAM), Brenda Bakke (L.A. CONFIDENTIAL), CCH Pounder (ORPHAN, AVATAR), Thomas Haden Church (SPIDER-MAN 3, SIDEWAYS), Dick Miller (GREMLINS), and Charles Fleischer (ZODIAC).

BORDELLO OF BLOOD - Wisecracking private eye Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller) investigates some strange happenings at a titillating bordello on the edge of town. It seems owner Madam Lilith (Angie Everhart) and her luscious cohorts want more than money… they want blood!

Soon Rafe finds himself up to his neck in a den of hungry vampiresses and battling the Reverend Jimmy Current (Chris Sarandon), a slick televangelist with an unstoppable talisman.

Brimming with blood, lust and wicked laughs, BORDELLO OF BLOOD is directed by film producer/filmmaker Gilbert Adler (THIR13EN GHOSTS, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL) and features a fun cast of Dennis Miller (JOE DIRT), Erika Eleniak (UNDER SIEGE), Angie Everhart (JADE), Chris Sarandon (FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD'S PLAY), Corey Feldman (THE LOST BOYS, THE GOONIES), John Kassir as the voice of the crypt keeper, Aubrey Morris (A CLOCKWORK ORGANGE) and Phil Fondacaro (TROLL, GHOULIES II).

Disc Specs:
Color | 93 minutes | Rated R | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - ? (Most likely HD DTS 5.1 & 2.0 Master Audio)

Color | 87 minutes | Rated R | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - ? (Most likely HD DTS 5.1 & 2.0 Master Audio)

Special Features:
  • NEW Audio Commentary with Director Ernest Dickerson.
  • NEW Audio Commentary with Special Make-up Effects Creator Todd Masters, Visual Effects Supervisor John Van Vliet, Special Effects Coordinator Thomas Bellissimo, and Demon Performer Walter Phelan.
  • NEW Under Siege: The Making of “Tales From The Crypt presents Demon Knight” – Featuring interviews with Director Ernest Dickerson, Co-producer A.L. Katz, Screenwriters Ethan Reiff, Cyrus Voris, and Mark Bishop, Stars Billy Zane, William Sadler, Brenda Bakke, Charles Fleischer. John Schuck and Dick Miller, Editor Stephen Lovejoy, Special Make-Up Effects Creator Todd Masters, Special Make-Up Effects Artists Scott Coulter and Scott Wheeler, and Demon Performer Walter Phelan. (40 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion from the American Cinematheque featuring director Ernest Dickerson, actor Dick Miller and Special Effects maestro Rick Baker.
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

  • NEW Audio Commentary with Co-Writer & Producer A.L. Katz
  • NEW Tainted Blood: The Making of “Tales From The Crypt presents Bordello Of Blood” – Interviews with Actors Corey Feldman, Angie Everhart and Erika Eleniak,, Co-Writer & Co-Producer A.L. Katz, Editor & Second Unit Director Stephen Lovejoy, and Special Effects Creator Todd Masters. (35 minutes)
  • Video Promo
  • Still Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

Both Blu-ray titles will be available wherever Blu-rays are sold on Tuesday, October 20th! You can order DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD from AMAZON.COM. Or, you could order both directly through SHOUT! FACTORY's online store (HERE and HERE) and get them TWO WEEKS EARLY WITH A COLLECTIBLE POSTER (while supplies last)!

Sigh... not only do I need more money to buy these, but now I need new shelves because my Blu-ray rack is overflowing! CURSE YOU SCREAM FACTORY! CURSE YOUUUUU!