Monday, August 31, 2015


Yeesh, its been One Crazy Summer! I'm still in the process of rebuilding The Vault archives after a hack attack, and it is slow going. In the end it will surely be worth it (a lot of articles and reviews are getting a much-needed tuneup) but it is grueling work. Because of that, I've sort of been lax on reporting any news (sorry!) so here's some new trailers to whet your appetites!

Based upon the "T is for Turbo" short in ABCs of DEATH 2, TURBO KID is a post-apocalyptic film unlike any other. A teen (known only as "The Kid") scavenges for survival in remnants of the old world, and ends up becoming an unlikely hero. The tone of this movie is super odd: It's full of childlike innocence, yet has copious amounts of gore! It's fun, it's crazy, and you just gotta dig that synth soundtrack!

TURBO KID is currently playing in select theaters and is currently available on various VOD services! Not sure if you want to watch it? Well then peep out the trailer below!

The Horror genre has been deconstructed to the extreme in the past decade with films like CABIN IN THE WOODS, TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, and BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. And now it seems THE FINAL GIRLS is going to hold a spot on that list... if its good.

The film revolves around a group of friends that attend a midnight screening of a cult slasher film, only to mysteriously get sucked into the movie! They then have to fight to survive against a Jason Voorhees knock-off with the remaining characters! It actually looks quite fun, though I must disagree with a critic who called it "utterly original." This kind of thing has been done before by other films, such as STAY TUNED, MIMESIS, and LAST ACTION HERO.

Still I'm game for it! Watch the trailer and get excited for this new horror/comedy, which will get a limited theatrical release, and a full VOD release, on October 9th!

A new Eli Roth flick with Keanu Reeves starring as a loving family man that makes a horrendously awful decision: To have a threesome with two whacked-out women. After booting them out, after knocking boots with them, the two psychos go on a crusade to punish Keanu for cheating on his wife.

At best, this looks like a solid rental to me. Honestly I'm more keen on seeing Eli Roth's other new film, THE GREEN INFERNO, which hits theaters on September 25th.

If you do want to see KNOCK KNOCK, its getting a release on October 9th! Check out the trailer below!

Honestly... even if Keanu dies in this movie (which he won't), it's still a win-win situation for him!

Trying to capture a little of that ZOMBIELAND magic (it probably won't), this new horror/comedy features a group of social outcasts (simply known as "scouts" to avoid legal issues) battling hordes of flesh-eating undead. It looks like it could be fun, but I'm having a few doubts.

Regardless, it's hard not to get excited for zom-boobies!

Give the NSFW red band trailer below a glance, won't you? If you like what you see, then check it out in theaters on October 30th!

That's it for now, but there will be more to come as October nears! Keep checking back for more news, and feel free to visit the Vault to see how the repair work is going!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/25/2015!

Well gang, August is just about over, and this week, we've got quite an eclectic lineup of genre releases! For all of you action fans, there's SKIN TRADE featuring Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa, and THE LAST DRAGON, coming to Blu-ray for the first time in an all new 35th Anniversary Edition! There's also TROMA'S WAR as well as re-releases of RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II and RAMBO III, which both offer up new cover art!

 Prefer Horror? Well, we've got you covered this week! Season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD is now available (just in time to whet your appetite for the upcoming sixth season), as is Scream Factory's latest double feature of METAMORPHOSIS & BEYOND DARKNESS. Olive Films truly wins this week however, with their new Blu-ray releases of STUDENT BODIES and THE SENDER!

There's plenty of other genre releases to drool over this week, so scroll on down to see what's new!

The Babysitter
Big Game
Play Motel
The Sender
Skin Trade
Sorrow (Limited Edition)
Student Bodies
Throne of Blood (Criterion Collection)
The Walking Dead: Season 5

Easy Money / Men at Work (Double Feature)
Haunted (2015)
Horror Hospital (Region B)
The Last Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition
Metamorphosis / Beyond Darkness (Double Feature)
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Rambo III
The Revengers
Troma's War
Vampire Hunter D

Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us
The Citadel
Clean Break
Clive Barker's Origins: Salome and the Forbidden
Creep (Limited to 100 - DVD/VHS combo)
The Disembodied
Doctor Spine
Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills
Escape from  Hell Hole
Evil Bong 420
The Fappening
The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft
The Long Island Serial Killer
Nocturnal Activity
Revenge is Her Middle Name
Six Ways to Die
Tales of the Supernatural (Extended UNCUT Version)
Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees
Vault of Terror II: The Undead

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/18/2015!

August is rapidly departing, which means Fall is just over a month away, which means HALLOWEEN is inching ever so closer!! And as 2015's Summer races to the finish line, we're still getting a pretty good amount of genre releases on DVD & Blu-ray! This week, Scream Factory delivers NOMADS and EJECTA on Blu-ray, while Kino Lorber goes on a Spaghetti-Western binge with A TOWN CALLED HELL, FACE TO FACE, and NAVAJO JOE. I should also point out that they have also released BURN, WITCH, BURN and DIGGSTOWN (a personal fave) on Blu-ray today as well!

There's also some Troma releases this week (TROMA'S WAR, EXTREME JUKEBOX) and a few cool bargain-priced DVD boxed sets! Scroll down to see the entire list!

Once Upon a Time: Season 4

Burn, Witch, Burn
Cannibal Terror / Devil Hunter (Double Feature)
Extreme Jukebox
Face to Face
Hackers: 20th Anniversary Edition
The Hunger
La Grand Bouffe (2-Disc Special Edition)
Navajo Joe 
Nightmare Castle (w/ Castle of Blood & Terror Creatures from the Grave)
Psycho Beach Party
A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die
A Town Called Hell (a.k.a. A Town Called Bastard)
Troma's War

Dark Shadows: Best of Angelique
Dark Shadows: Best of Quentin
A Lure: Teen Fight Club
Night of the Living Dead ('68 - Restored Edition)
Slipstream (Restored Edition)
Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things
The Wife Killer

Hammer Film Collection Vol. 1
Contains: The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, Scream of Fear, The Gorgon, Stop Me Before I Kill, and The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb.

The William Castle Collection
Contains: 13 Ghosts, Mr. Sardonicus, Homicidal, The Old Dark House, and 13 Frightened Girls.

Grey Matter Art unleashes more awesome Marvel posters!

I've really been digging everything that's been coming out of Grey Matter Art; I am extremely glad to have discovered them earlier this year at Hudson Horror Show! Their poster designs have been quite diverse and unique, always beautiful to behold. The latest additions to their growing catalog of prints are two officially licensed designs for popular Marvel properties!

First  up, let's take a look at their new poster art for DAREDEVIL! Created by Marko Manev, the regular edition of the poster is limited to 200 prints at $50 apiece. The variant is limited to only 100 prints, and goes for $60 apiece. These designs are now available; you can order yourself one HERE!

Now, gaze in awe upon Daredevil's silhouette against the backdrop of Hell's Kitchen!
I really like the regular design, but the Sin City-ish variant is pretty awesome as well!

Marvel Knights - Daredevil: Regular Edition

Marvel Knights - Daredevil: Variant Edition.

Grey Matter Art brings the thunder this Thursday! Prepare yourself (and your wall) for a fantastic new poster based on Marvel's THOR, starring Chris Hemsworth. This design was created by Matt Ferguson and serves as a great complement to Grey Matter Art's previous IRON MAN print. 

The regular edition is limited to 250 prints at $50 each, the foil variant is limited to 150 prints at $70 each, and the second variant, while also limited to 150 prints, costs $100 each! Scope out Matt Ferguson's design below and verily, you will find yourself wanting one! These prints will be available on Thursday, August 20th between 1:00 - 2:00 EST at Grey Matter Art's online store. Don't miss out!

THOR: Regular Edition

THOR: Foil Variant

THOR: Final Variant

To see what else they have to offer pay the folks at Grey Matter Art a visit HERE! Keep up the amazing work guys!

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley - Coming to DVD & Blu-ray on October 20th!


For those of you clamoring for a sequel to THE HAUNTING OF MOLLY HARTLEY, well you got your wish!

Film Synopsis: Molly Hartley (Sarah Lind; WOLFCOP) is all grown up, but the unholy demon inside her lives on in this all-new, UNRATED sequel that takes terror to the next level! Six years after graduating high school — and discovering that a secret pact assigned her soul to the devil — Molly is suspected of murder and confined to a mental hospital, where she wreaks supernatural havoc on the staff and patients. Her only hope is an exorcism by a defrocked priest (Devon Sawa; FINAL DESTINATION) looking to redeem himself and save Molly's life before her hideous "transformation" is complete... but Satan has other plans!

Directed by Steven R. Monroe (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE) the UNRATED Blu-ray and DVD features awesome bonus features including a sit-down with experts to discuss the origins of demonic possession, bonus security camera footage giving fans a closer look into Molly’s exorcism and Director Diaries showcasing some of the best scenes from the film!

Blu-ray Specs:
Color | 122 minutes | Unrated | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio - 5.1 DTS HD Audio

Special Features:
  •  Exorcism: Beyond One Truth – Sit down with professionals and religious experts to gather facts about demonic possession and debate whether it is a form of psychosis or if there is something more sinister involved
  • Clovesdale Institute: Classified Security Camera Footage – Follow Dr. Laurie Hawthorne as she checks in with each of her patients through security camera footage giving fans full view of the origins of Molly's exorcism
    • Hartley Admission Hospital
    • Surveillance of Fr. Barrow
    • Dr. Hawthorne Visits M. Hartley
    • Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 1
    • Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 2
    • Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 3
  • Director Diaries – Follow Director Steven R. Monroe as he shoots some of the film's most intense scenes
    • Makeup Fx
    • The Exorcism
    • The Black Church
    • The Facility

THE EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY will be available for digital rental and download on October 9th. If you're more of a physical media kind of person (like myself) you can grab the DVD or Blu-ray on October 20th! Check for availability for the film over at AMAZON.COM today! Watch the trailer below!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Plague So Pleasant - Available on DVD September 29th!


As tired as I am of the zombie sub-genre, I'm kind of curious about this one. Shot on a paltry budget of fourteen-hundred dollars, this new indie zombie flick promises a different experience than your typical undead fare.

Film Synopsis: In the near future, zombies have become a protected, endangered species, held in captivity and legally wandering the streets free from harm by the living.

But for the loved ones of those who die, sometimes coping is just too much to handle, especially when not everyone feels the dead have a right to exist, and are willing to break the law to rid the world of this new population of the dead.

A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT will infect home entertainment systems beginning September 29th (originally August 25th). A more dangerous strain than recent efforts, the film has been hailed by undead aficionados as "a miraculous accomplishment" (Zombie Guide Magazine), "an Excellent, Original Zombie Movie" (, and "so much better than the average straight to video zombie travesty" (The Rotting Zombie).

DVD Specs:
Color and Black & White | 74 minutes | Not Rated | Region 1
Video - ?
Audio - ?

Special Features:
  • Promos and Trailers.
Once again, A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT will be released onto DVD on September 29th! You can order yourself a copy now at AMAZON.COM! Check out the trailer below to see if this new micro-budget zombie flick is right for you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/11/2015!

Oy! It's been a crazy week Vault Dwellers! I got back from a much-needed vacation this past Saturday, then the following day, the main B-Movie Film Vault site was shut down by the webhost due to a hack-attack! Now I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the Vault archives, and combing through my stuffed e-mail inbox. To get things back on track, let's take a look at what new genre releases are available this week!

Scream Factory has put out their kick-ass Collector's Edition Blu-ray of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, Kino Lorber gives us a double dose of awesome with their Blu-ray releases for THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD and WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP, and for some reason, Universal just released HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH onto Blu-ray disc. (A cheaper alternative to the much better Scream Factory disc I suppose?)

There's a lot of other cool releases this week; scroll on down to check 'em all out!

Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell
Police Story: Lockdown

Basilisk: The Complete Series
Batman: Gotham Knight (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Batman Year One (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Universal)
I Am Chris Farley
The January Man
Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Justice League: War (Graphic Novel + Movie)
The Monster That Challenged the World
The People Under the Stairs: Collector's Edition
Superman: Doomsday (Graphic Novel + Movie)
War-Gods of the Deep
Wonder Woman (Graphic Novel + Movie)

Break Glass in Case of...
The Changing of Ben Moore
Deranged Killers: Stories of Psychos, Sex, and Slaughter
Dig: Season 1
High School Horror Double Feature: Bloody Homecoming & Varsity Blood
Horror House on Highway 6
Orphan Black: Season 3
Poltergeist Activity
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue - The Complete Series
Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legendary Battle
Psychotronica Double Feature 4: Jungle Girl & The Slaver / Wild Women of Wongo
The Rain Killer
Robogirl: The Series / Last Woman on Earth
Robot Overlords
Zombie Resurrection