Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/11/2015!

Oy! It's been a crazy week Vault Dwellers! I got back from a much-needed vacation this past Saturday, then the following day, the main B-Movie Film Vault site was shut down by the webhost due to a hack-attack! Now I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the Vault archives, and combing through my stuffed e-mail inbox. To get things back on track, let's take a look at what new genre releases are available this week!

Scream Factory has put out their kick-ass Collector's Edition Blu-ray of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, Kino Lorber gives us a double dose of awesome with their Blu-ray releases for THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD and WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP, and for some reason, Universal just released HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH onto Blu-ray disc. (A cheaper alternative to the much better Scream Factory disc I suppose?)

There's a lot of other cool releases this week; scroll on down to check 'em all out!

Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell
Police Story: Lockdown

Basilisk: The Complete Series
Batman: Gotham Knight (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Batman Year One (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Universal)
I Am Chris Farley
The January Man
Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Graphic Novel + Movie)
Justice League: War (Graphic Novel + Movie)
The Monster That Challenged the World
The People Under the Stairs: Collector's Edition
Superman: Doomsday (Graphic Novel + Movie)
War-Gods of the Deep
Wonder Woman (Graphic Novel + Movie)

Break Glass in Case of...
The Changing of Ben Moore
Deranged Killers: Stories of Psychos, Sex, and Slaughter
Dig: Season 1
High School Horror Double Feature: Bloody Homecoming & Varsity Blood
Horror House on Highway 6
Orphan Black: Season 3
Poltergeist Activity
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue - The Complete Series
Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legendary Battle
Psychotronica Double Feature 4: Jungle Girl & The Slaver / Wild Women of Wongo
The Rain Killer
Robogirl: The Series / Last Woman on Earth
Robot Overlords
Zombie Resurrection


  1. It's good that the People Under the Stairs is finally getting the special edition treatment it deserves, but I've heard that the master used for the film itself on Scream's Blu-Ray is the same as the previous bare-bones Blu-Ray, which in turn was supposedly a mediocre transfer to begin with.

    Meanwhile, it's kind of odd that Halloween 3 is being re-released onto a bare bones Blu-Ray, and even more weird that they recycled the original artwork for the Goodtimes DVD released in 1998.

  2. Actually, I read that the transfer from the bare bones release of People Under the Stairs was pretty decent. Heck, it may have been cleaned up even further; won't know for sure without a side by side comparison.

    Yeah the Halloween III blu-ray is very strange. I'm pretty sure Scream Factory's distribution rights to it didn't lapse, so I have no idea what the deal is with that disc.