Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grey Matter Art's awesome new poster for THE EXPLORERS - Available on July 16th!

I love Grey Matter Art's posters so much, but they have yet to do a cool design for any of my all-time favorite films.... Oh wait, nevermind!

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Joe Dante's awesome sci-fi adventure, THE EXPLORERS, Grey Matter Art has commissioned a cool new print from Joe Dante's Trailers from Hell! Scope out the new poster created by artist Francesco Francavilla below!

This is AWESOME! Growing up, THE EXPLORERS was one of my "go to" movies whenever I got tired of seeing THE GOONIES go on their dangerous treasure hunt. Even now, thirty years later, the effects hold up extremely well, as does the acting of the film's main stars! Damn, I wanna go watch it right now!

This fantastic poster is only a mere $45.00, and is limited to 150 prints. You can grab yours tomorrow from Grey Matter Art's online shop when it goes on sale at 1:00 PM EST!

The art of the movie poster is clearly not dead; keep up the awesome work guys!

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