Thursday, March 24, 2016


It's been a while since I've shared trailers for upcoming genre films, so let's get back to it shall we? I've seen a TON of awesome trailers recently, but for the time being, let us focus on the previews for these five upcoming films. There are plenty of other trailers that I wanted to include, but I'll save them for my next post. For now, let's dig in to some supernatural horror, killer robots, killer sharks, and some horror anthology goodness!

This Turkish horror film centers on five police officers that stumble upon a black mass, resulting in torture, terror, and gruesome imagery! This looks pretty intense, and seems like the type of film that will have viewers guessing if it's all real, or just a terrifying dream! Give the trailer a glance and see if you'll be checking it out tomorrow when it makes it's debut in limited theaters, and on VOD.

I am a sucker for Horror anthologies, and its great that this subgenre has made such a big comeback in recent years. Films like A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY and TALES OF HALLOWEEN pack in numerous stories that offer up something for everyone, and HOLIDAYS looks to be more of the same. This anthology contains a series of short tales of the macabre, each based on a holiday, including Christmas, St. Paddy's Day, and Valentine's Day! Watch the trailer below, then look for HOLIDAYS on VOD April 15th, and in select theaters on April 22nd! Hmmm... I wonder if Easter, Thanksgiving, and April Fool's Day all get a nod in this flick?

In the not too distant future (next Sunday A.D.) sentient machines are created that have the capacity to learn. Naturally, this breakthrough in artificial intelligence does not bode well for a group of marines on a training mission, as the robots quickly learn to adapt to their military training, and decide that perhaps they should be in charge. KILL COMMAND is due out in the UK on May 13th, and will hopefully see a North American release soon after.

I may be a sucker for anthology films, but movies featuring killer animals get me even more excited! In an age where the once-feared denizens of the deep are mainly played for laughs (as seen in the  SHARKNADO trilogy, ROBOSHARK, SHARKTOPUS, et al.), THE SHALLOWS sets out to make sharks terrifying again! A wounded surfer (Blake Lively) is stranded on a small chunk of rock in the middle of a bay, and as the tide rolls in, she begins to realize that there's no safe place from the enormous finned predator that is swimming nearby. Look for THE SHALLOWS in theaters nationwide on June 24th!

The final trailer we'll look at today is for the new found footage Horror/Comedy THEY'RE WATCHING. A camera crew goes to Moldova to shoot an episode of a home improvement show, and accidentally interrupts a backwood village's superstitious ritual. The locals become so infuriated that they attack the stars and crew, who must fight them off to survive. But if the trailer is any indication, the villagers might not be so crazy because something seems to be retaliating against them. THEY'RE WATCHING premieres March 25th in select theaters and on VOD!

That's it for this trailer round-up! Check back soon Vault Dwellers because I've got even more sights to show you in my next trailer-fueled post!

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