Monday, May 9, 2022

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New Blu-rays & 4K Discs for 05/10/2022!


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Welcome fellow collectors to yet another new edition of the News Vault's STOCK YOUR VAULT column! This week's slate of new releases are substantially better than what was released last week, with multiple titles finally making their high-def debut!

Paramount continues its quest to milk FRIDAY THE 13TH fans for every penny with their "new" 40th Anniversary limited edition steelbook of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3, Cleopatra brings Santiago Fernandez Calvete's A TASTE OF BLOOD to Blu-ray and includes a soundtrack CD in their release, and Universal takes advantage of their upcoming JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION with standalone 4K releases of the previous five films in the franchise!

Universal also boasts an all new 4K set featuring five Alfred Hitchcock classics, including FAMILY PLOT, MARNIE, SABOTEUR, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, and THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, all of which are also available singly if you just want to cherry pick the titles you want!

Scream Factory does Wes Craven fans a big service with their Collector's Edition release of CURSED (a film title that was way too on the nose once you learn about the film's troubled production), which boasts two cuts of the film (theatrical and unrated - sadly the "Craven cut" seems to be lost), new cast & crew interviews, a making-of featurette, and more! And while this release would typically be my pick of the week, that honor instead goes to Shout! Factory's THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, a film that's been on my WANTED ON BLU-RAY shortlist for some time! Although it is a barebones release, this is the first time that this cinematic adventure (which is based very loosely on actual events) has been available on the Blu-ray format, and as a longtime fan, I cannot wait to see this movie in crystal clarity!

There's not too much else out this week that I haven't already mentioned gang, but if you want to see the full roster of new Blu-rays and 4K discs just scroll onward!

The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (4K UHD - Universal)
Family Plot (4K UHD - Universal)
Jurassic Park (4K UHD - Universal)
Jurassic Park III (4K UHD - Universal)
Jurassic World (4K UHD - Universal)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (4K UHD - Universal)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (4K UHD - Universal)
Marnie (4K UHD - Universal)
Saboteur (4K UHD - Universal)
Shadow of a Doubt (4K UHD - Universal)
The Trouble With Harry (4K UHD - Universal)
Uncharted (4K UHD - Sony Pictures)


Cursed (2005 - Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)

Cut and Chop (Kandoo Films Inc.)
Friday the 13th Part 3 (40th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook - Paramount)
The Ghost and the Darkness (Shout! Factory)

A Taste of Blood (Blu-ray/CD combo - Cleopatra)
Top Gun (Special Collector's Edition - Paramount)
Uncharted (Sony Pictures)
World Ends at Camp Z (Media DW Inc.)


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