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STOCK YOUR VAULT: New Blu-rays and 4K Discs for 05/17 & 05/24!

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Hey gang! Welcome to another edition of the News Vault's Stock Your Vault column! I got a little busy last week so this is a catch up post to get ya'll up to speed on what new titles are out on Blu-ray and 4K UHD this Tuesday and last!

Last week, Scream Factory brought THE CRAFT and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK to 4K disc, and gave FEMME FATALE its Blu-ray debut! Lionsgate added EXTREME PREJUDICE to its Vestron Video Collector's Series catalog, Paramount finally brought TOP SECRET! to Blu-ray here in the States, and Kino Lorber released WITHOUT WARNING with a new transfer and artwork!

My pick of the week went to Arrow Video's GIRLS NITE OUT, a somewhat obscure slasher flick featuring a killer disguised as a sports mascot! The film has been given a new 2K transfer, audio commentary, and a ton of new cast and crew interviews!

There wasn't much else to get excited for last week, but please continue onward to see the entire list of new Blu-ray and 4K releases!

Beverly Hills Cop II (4K UHD - 35th Anniversary Edition - Paramount)
The Craft (4K UHD - Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)
Escape From New York (4K UHD - Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)
Infinite (4K UHD - Paramount)

NEW TO BLU-RAY (05/17/22)
Belle (2021 - Shout! Factory)
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Warner Archive Collection)
Extreme Prejudice (Vestron Video Collector's Series/Lionsgate)
Femme Fatale (Scream Factory)
Girls Nite Out (Limited Edition - Arrow Video)
Hulk / The Incredible Hulk (Double Feature - Universal)
Infinite (Paramount)
Top Secret! (Paramount)
Without Warning (Special Edition - Kino Lorber Studio Classics)


Now that we're caught up, I hope you saved some money because this week boasts a bunch of must-have titles! Warner Bros. releases MALIGNANT to 4K and brings their new THE BATMAN to all formats, newcomers Liberation Hall gave the (rightfully) forgotten ROBOCOP: THE SERIES its Blu-ray debut, and Arrow Video released ONE ARMED BOXER (a Shaw Bros. classic!), along with a limited edition Blu & 4K of WILD THINGS!

Mill Creek released yet another Ultraman series to DVD (What?! No Blu-ray? What gives?!), namely ULTRAMAN MEBIUS, Universal unleashes Dave Grohl's box office flop STUDIO 666, and Lionsgate releases X onto Blu-ray disc!

Scream Factory gets the win this week but not for their new CANDYMAN 4K release. Instead I've selected their new 4K disc of the late Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE as my pick of the week! This three-disc set contains all of the extras from the previous Blu-ray release, two cuts of the film, and a brand new 4K scan of the film's original negative!

There are a handful of other new titles out this week gang, so be sure to scroll down to peep them all out!


The Batman (4K UHD - Warner Bros.)
Candyman (1992 - 4K UHD - Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)
Lifeforce (4K UHD - Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)
Malignant (4K UHD - Warner Bros.)
Passengers (4K UHD - Sony Pictures)
Wild Things (4K UHD - Limited Edition - Arrow Video)

NEW TO BLU-RAY (05/24/22)
The Batman (Warner Bros.)
Fraternity House (Bridgestone Multimedia Group)
One Armed Boxer (Arrow Video)
RoboCop: The Complete TV Series (Liberation Hall)
Studio 666 (Universal)
Trekkies (25th Anniversary Edition - Shout! Factory)
Ultraman Mebius: The Complete Series + 4 Movies (Mill Creek Entertainment - DVD)
Umma (Sony Pictures)
Wild Things (Limited Edition - Arrow Video)
X (Lionsgate)


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