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If You've Got a Taste for Terror... Get CARRIE on 4K UHD on December 13th!

Cover art for Scream Factory's 3-Disc Collector's Edition 4K UHD of CARRIE!

Though there's been a sequel, a made-for-TV remake, and a big budget Hollywood reboot, the original 1976 CARRIE is still clearly the best version of the Stephen King tale of a tortured teenage girl that unleashes her telekinetic powers upon those that wronged her. And now CARRIE is the latest Scream Factory double-dip, featuring a new 4k transfer, one new audio commentary, a newspaper ad gallery, plus the plethora of extras from the previous Blu-ray release! If you haven't yet added this movie to your collection, now is the time to do it Vault Dwellers! And if you already do have CARRIE, this seems like a worthy upgrade!

Synopsis: Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, this "absolutely spellbinding horror movie" (Roger Ebert) stars Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie in Oscar-nominated* performances. This ultimate revenge fantasy has become one of the all-time great horror classics!

At the center of the terror is Carrie (Spacek), a high school loner with no confidence, no friends ... and no idea about the extent of her secret powers of telekinesis. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teen becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse who, with the help of her "special gift," causes all hell to break loose in a famed cinematic frenzy of blood, fire and brimstone! This classic also stars John Travolta (BLOW OUT), Amy Irving (THE FURY), William Katt (HOUSE), and P.J. Soles (HALLOWEEN).
Sissy Spacek's locker room freakout in CARRIE!
Collectors realizing that they have to purchase CARRIE again.

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 98 minutes | Region Free
Video - 2160p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - English DTS-HD Master Audio: 2.0 Mono & 5.1


Rated R | Color | 98 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - English DTS-HD Master Audio: 2.0 Mono & 5.1
  • NEW! 2022 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative!
  • In Dolby Vision (HDR 10 Compatible)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary With Joe Aisenberg, Author Of Studies In The Horror Film: CARRIE!

  • NEW! 2022 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative!
  • NEW! Audio Commentary With Joe Aisenberg, Author Of Studies In The Horror Film: CARRIE!
  • NEW! Newspaper Ad Gallery By Drive-In Asylum!
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Carrie Franchise Trailer Gallery

Artwork for Scream Factory's 4K Limited Edition Steelbook of CARRIE!


  • Writing CARRIE – An Interview With Screenwriter Lawrence D. Cohen!
  • Shooting CARRIE – An Interview With Director Of Photography Mario Tosi!
  • Cutting CARRIE – An Interview With Editor Paul Hirsch!
  • Casting CARRIE – An Interview With Casting Director Harriet B. Helberg!
  • Acting CARRIE – Interviews With Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving, Betty Buckley, Nancy Allen, Jack Fisk, William Katt, Piper Laurie, Priscilla Pointer, PJ Soles, and Brian DePalma!
  • More Acting CARRIE – Interviews With William Katt, Nancy Allen, Betty Buckley, Piper Laurie, Edie McClurg, and P.J. Soles!
  • Visualizing Carrie – Interviews With Brian De Palma, Jack Fisk, Lawrence D. Cohen, and Paul Hirsch!
  • Bucket Of Blood – An Interview With The Maestro Pino Donaggio!
  • Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – Revisiting The Film’s Original Locations!
  • A Look At Carrie, The Musical!
  • TV Spots
  • Radio Spots
  • Still Galleries – Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos, Posters, And Lobby Cards!
  • Stephen King And The Evolution Of Carrie Text Gallery!
While I haven't been a big fan of Scream Factory's somewhat recent decision to focus on re-releasing titles in new 4K editions, I must admit that the fact that they are using the original theatrical artwork, and adding a few additional bonus features, kind of sweetens the pot. The 3-disc standard Collector's Edition 4K UHD of CARRIE arrives on Tuesday, December 13th and should cost between $28 - $36! You can pre-order it now from AMAZON, BULL MOOSE, DIABOLIK DVD, or directly from SHOUT! FACTORY.

There is also a Limited Edition Steelbook arriving the same day, which will cost somewhere between $30 - $39! That release is also available to order now from AMAZON, DIABOLIK DVD, and SHOUT! FACTORY. (Note: Ordering either the standard or steelbook editions directly from Scream/Shout! will net you a poster!) However, if you're a hardcore CARRIE fan, then you may want to indulge in one of Shout!/Scream Factory's exclusive bundles: 
  • Bundle #1 contains the standard 4K release, a poster featuring the original theatrical artwork, and a set of cool enamel pins from Gutter Garbs! ORDER NOW for $99.95!
  • The second bundle contains the 4K Steelbook, a poster featuring the steelbook's new artwork, and a set of enamel pins! ORDER NOW for $99.99!
  • The third and final bundle contains everything: You get both the standard and steelbook 4K sets, both posters, and the Gutter Garbs pins! ORDER NOW for $130.98!

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