Monday, October 11, 2021



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Just got my latest Blu-ray haul (after I promised myself I wouldn't splurge for the remainder of the year) from Kino Lorber, who is currently having a ROCKTOBER SALE (ends on October 26th, 2021), with some really great prices on hundreds of classic titles! There's a lot of Code Red reissues (e.g. CONQUEST, JUST BEFORE DAWN, PANIC, SLITHIS, DEVIL'S EXPRESS), a bunch of Film Noir boxed sets, and more for some really hard to beat prices!

I myself just blew in BURIED ALIVE (a staple of my childhood that used to play on USA Network all the time!), CONQUEST (Fulci does sword & sorcery), DEVIL'S EXPRESS, GOG (in 3D!), JUST BEFORE DAWN (which contains two cuts of the film), THE MASK (in 3D!), THE MAZE (in 3D!), THE QUEST (aka FROG DREAMING), and SEPTEMBER STORM (in 3D!)! As an added bonus, I pre-ordered the complete KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER TV series (it's currently cheapest if you order direct from Kino) and it showed up early! 

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