Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grey Matter Art's newest poster will drive you MAD, MAN!

Grey Matter Art will be at Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, NJ this weekend! If you attend, swing by their table to grab one of their new MADMAN posters! Limited to 60 copies (for $35 apiece), this kick-ass print features artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner. You know you want Madman Marz hanging on your wall at home, so don't miss out on this!

Also,  there is a MADMAN Reunion at Chiller so you can totally have Producer Gary Sales and several cast members (including Madman Marz himself, Paul Ehlers) sign your poster! If you won't be able to attend Chiller Theatre, don't sweat it, a limited number of posters will be available on Grey Matter Art's website Thursday (Oct. 22nd) at 1:00 PM EST! They will cost an additional $20 if you buy them online, and if you want any autographs on it, add an additional $15 for each signature!

Without further ado, here's the kick-ass new MADMAN poster:

As an added bonus, Grey Matter Art is teaming up with Cavity Colors to put this design on 150 shirts! If you want one, order ASAP because there will NOT be a reprinting! Once they are gone; they are gone forever! Here's what the shirt looks like:

CLICK HERE to order it for $25.00! If you're one of the first fifty to buy one, you will get a cool 5-inch "Blood Axe" vinyl sticker absolutely free!

Also, to anyone attending Hudson Horror Show in December (as of my posting this, there are still a few tickets left!), Grey Matter Art will have a table there, and will be selling some of their beautiful posters! Even if you can't get a ticket, the vendors areas are still open to the public, so come on down to the Empire South Hills 8 on Saturday, December 12th and buy something to spruce up your man-cave / movie room!

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