Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Full details on SALT CITY HORROR FEST 2016!

On Saturday, April 16th, 2016, at 11:00 AM, THE SALT CITY HORROR FEST returns to The Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY! Tickets are now available for pre-order HERE for $21.50 each ($3.50 less than what you'd pay at the door!) which guarantees you entry into this awesome show, AND enters you into a raffle for movie posters and other cool prizes!

The venue sells booze (wine & beer!), there will be numerous vendors peddling their wares, and most importantly, there's a pretty solid lineup of 35mm prints being screened as well! Here is the current list of films (and special guests) that are scheduled for this event. Titles, roster, and start times may be subject to change:

MY LITTLE BUBBLES - Local Short (intro by Dir. Michael Pizzano )
THE WARRIORS - with introduction by Cinema Under the Influence
MIDNIGHT - Followed by a Q&A with John Russo & John Amplas.
MARTIN - With introduction by actor John Amplas and Dir. of Photography Michael Gornik.
THE SHINING with intro by local comedian Alex Bidwell.
ROSEMARY'S BABY with intro by Jed Levin and Horror Happens Radio.
NIGHTBREED with introduction by Cinema Under the Influence.

The full roster of this event's special guests include:
Jed Levin - Son of Ira Levin (Writer of Rosemary's Baby)
John Russo - NOTLD, My Uncle John Is a Zombie, MIDNIGHT and more.
John Amplas - George Romero's MARTIN, DAY OF THE DEAD, and John Russo's MIDNIGHT.
David Harris - Played "Cochise" in THE WARRIORS.
Solon Tsangaras - Actor "My Uncle John Is a Zombie."
Gary Vincent - President of Burning Bulb Publishing and Producer / Actor of "My Uncle John Is a Zombie."

So save the date Horror fans, and buy your tickets! Then prepare for a crazy day of gang violence, Satanic cults, demons, killers, vampires, and monsters! And hopefully I'll see ya there!

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