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News Vault Spotlight On: Indie Filmmaker Todd "Killer" Wolfson!

Greetings Vault Dwellers! I'm taking a break from posting the usual stuff you crave in order to (hopefully) start a new editorial series at The B-Movie News Vault. Every month I receive dozens of e-mails about upcoming indie Horror films. Admittedly I don't get around to promoting many of those films, or the people behind the camera lens, so I want to right that wrong tonight, starting with an up-and-coming indie filmmaker you may not have heard of.... yet!


I give Todd's taste in t-shirts five stars!

Todd Wolfson, is an independent Screenwriter, Director, and sometimes Actor, who runs Pittsburgh-based Just Buried Productions. Growing up, he was obsessed with all things Horror, including '80s slashers, monster movies, creature features, and Japanese Horror, as well as the low-budget offerings from Troma and Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment! (He's also a huge Kevin Smith fan!)

A passionate writer since his early years, Todd wrote numerous poems and short stories over the years, typically focusing on "the underdogs, rejects, and freaks of society who no one would ever expect to fight back." But it wasn't until the Spring of 2015, where he met up with the "Shadow Frame" crew, and finally shot his first short film, a Horror/Comedy called 8-BIT BLOOD BATH!

The movie was shot within a week on a grueling schedule, but everyone on board the production put in the maximum amount of effort to get it completed. 8-BIT BLOOD BATH eventually made its debut online on March 6, 2016 on YouTube!

Currently Todd has numerous irons in the fire: He's writing a novel called A FIEND'S PROSE: WARLOCKS OF ROZYLN, and working on several film projects. His first is a Grindhouse-style parody trailer for a non-existent movie called SPONGE.

Humanity will be scrubbed from the face of the Earth!
It is his tribute to the drive-in theater creature features of the 1950s and '60s, and also takes inspiration from films like CRITTERS and ALIENS. (With a bit of THE TWILIGHT ZONE tossed in for good measure.) He is also developing a new "artsy dark comedy" called BATSH!T, which features a recently unemployed man who is "trapped inside his apartment and his own zany head."

Throughout the course of the movie, the main character slowly, but surely, loses his mind and experiences various hallucinations during his bizarre mental breakdown. (Apparently he begins to think his neighbor is a serial killer, and that his best friend is a pixelated game sprite!)

SPONGE is planned for an early 2017 release (official date TBA), and BATSH!T will go into production soon after.


Written and Directed by "Killer" Wolfson
[Watch the trailer.]

Synopsis: On Halloween night in the mundane city of Rozlyn, a fiery cauldron of evil is a brewing. Meet Billy Blitzkrieg, a video game nerd and recluse who loves nothing more than to sit in his room, gaming all night with his "UltraGlove." That all changes when he gets a call from high school crush, Mallory Rose, who lures Billy into her dark occult world. When a ritual takes a turn for the worse, Billy wishes he would have just stayed home and beat the last level of Ghouls & Goblins...

Written by "Killer" Wolfson | Directed by Phillip Ray Angel

Synopsis: Byron Mason is a teacher at Rozlyn Academy, that has always been extremely passionate about his career and his art. But that all changes when Byron goes through an awful divorce. He becomes an unreliable alcoholic, that eventually loses everything else he once cherished in life, including his job. This causes Byron to snap, and soon he is using his handy dandy X-Acto knife to carve wicked designs into his victims' corpses, turning them into his own sick and exquisite works of art.

SPONGE (2017)
Written and Directed by "Killer Wolfson"

Synopsis: When a failed door-to-door salesman named Jerry finds a box of strange blue sponges, his luck turns around! Soon he's back in his groove and selling the hell out of them, not realizing that they are actually tentacled monsters from another planet that resemble sponges! Soon the tiny rectangular terrors are on the loose and sucking all of the brains and blood from their victims! Can they be stopped?!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Todd "Killer" Wolfson, and many thanks to Todd himself for supplying me with pictures, links, and some biographical information. If any of you Vault Dwellers enjoyed 8-BIT BLOOD BATH or AESTHETIC DEMISE and want to keep up to date on Todd's future projects, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter! And don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel as well, so you can watch his short films, plus exclusive behind the scenes footage!

If you're a independent and/or low-budget filmmaker, artist, or musician and want to be part of the next News Vault Spotlight, please contact us at! Be sure to include a short biography, photos, links to your website and/or social media pages, and most importantly, links to your creations!

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