Monday, March 20, 2017

News Vault Spotlight On: Indie Filmmaker David Munz-Maire!

Greetings Vault Dwellers! Earlier this month I took a moment to report about the efforts of low-budget Horror director Todd "Killer" Wolfson. (Read all about him HERE.) I received such an overwhelmingly positive response to that post, that I decided that the News Vault Spotlight column must continue! So now, allow me to introduce you to the newest inductee into this ongoing series....


David Munz-Maire on the set of GOODBYE CHARM CITY.

David E. Munz-Maire is a Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma recipient, and alumnus of the prestigious NYU: Tisch School of the Arts. He earned his B.A. in Film & T.V. and Minors in Psychology and Producing for Film & T.V.

David's passion for directing led him to pursue a Masters in Directing at the School of Visual Arts. He is also the Co-Founder of AireBedd, a banner under which he has garnered dozens of laurels for his various short films and music videos.

Since 2012, David has been dutifully honing his craft, and cutting his teeth on every aspect of film making. Aside from directing, he's also (as of my writing this) produced (at least) a dozen shorts, worked as a production assistant (on IMPRACTICAL JOKERS), an editor, script supervisor, grip, art director, and has even done a bit of acting. He is clearly a jack of all trades!

Currently David's Horror short CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR, is making the rounds at various film festivals, and continues to receive accolades and awards!

A behind the scenes photo from CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR!


Written, Produced, and Directed by David Munz-Maire
[Official Site]

Synopsis: This film is about the dynamic struggle between an ex-psychiatrist and one of his former patients. The story is set in motion when Tony, a former Sing Sing inmate, accidentally robs and is held captive by his old shrink Dr. Beck. Beck is an ex-criminal psychologist turned librarian after the murder of his wife and son, who interrogates the intruder as though it were one of their sessions turned awry.

Written, Produced, Edited, and Directed by David Munz-Maire
[Official Site]

Synopsis: A gruesome coming of age story about a vintner son's disobedience and desire to care for his ailing mother.

David Munz-Maire's CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR feels like a much classier version of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but is no less brutal. In this film, a vintner's son, against his father's wishes, takes two guests on a tour of their wine-making facility. This eventually results in a gory double-homicide, and the reveal of a ghastly family secret!

CHATEAU is a fantastic short film that is atmospheric and delightfully gruesome. The makeup effects (courtesy of Anthony Pepe) are well-done, and the cast members all turn in good performances. I enjoyed it and hope that in the future, David Munz-Maire considers turning this concept into a feature-length Horror film! But that is probably a long way off because David currently has a lot on his plate. (He is the primary producer of Airebedde's releases after all.)

Many thanks to David Munz-Maire for supplying pictures and information to help make this post possible! If you would like to stay informed about his current and upcoming projects, be sure to like and follow Airbedde's Official Facebook Page! To watch the shorts and music videos that David was worked on, visit Airebedde's Official Website, and their Vimeo page as well!

If you happen to be an independent and/or low-budget genre filmmaker, artist, or musician and want to be part of the next Vault News Spotlight, please contact us! Be sure to include a short biography, photos, links to your website and/or social media pages, and most importantly, links to your films. (Whether they be shorts or feature length productions!)

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