Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Vault Master's Collector's Corner: My Small CAMP ARROW VIDEO PART II Sale Haul!


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After taking advantage at various sales from Kino Lorber, Shout! Factory, Severin Films, Vinegar Syndrome, and Amazon, I declared that I was absolutely 100% DONE collecting Blu-rays for a while. And then Arrow Video unleashed their second annual CAMP ARROW VIDEO PART II sale... Hundreds of Arrow titles have been reduced in price at their UK shop, and also over at Zavvi (which is doing a Buy One Get One deal on many discs as well!), Diabolik DVD, and Grindhouse Video! The sale ends on July 26th, so take advantage fellow collectors!

Despite spending an exorbitant amount of money throughout June, I broke down and snagged seven titles from Arrow's website (many of which were Region Free), including: BLOOD TIDE, THE CHILL FACTOR, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (HOLLYWOOD EDITION), SCARED STIFF, THE SLAYER, TREMORS (standard edition 4K UHD), and WHITE FIRE!

I shared a few photos of my latest Arrow acquisitions over on my Instagram feed - you can view them below!

I saw BLOOD TIDE many years ago after I purchased a bargain-bin DVD of the film which featured a heavily-edited cut that looked like it was mastered from a VHS tape. Now this mostly forgotten creature feature has been lovingly restored in 4K and comes complete with a new director's commentary and interview with Writer/Producer Nico Mastorakis! Joy!

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD recently became a favorite of mine after I saw it on Shudder. If you managed to survive the first half-hour (power through it - trust me!), you'll be treated to an oft-hilarious movie that is full of heart. This release comes with a spin-off film (ONE CUT OF THE DEAD IN HOLLYWOOD) plus a variety of bonus features not found on the standard releases!

TREMORS is a perennial favorite and easily one of the best monster movies ever made! I couldn't help myself and made the (some would argue) necessary upgrade to the new 4K release, which boasts absolutely gorgeous picture and sound, plus an impressive number of newly created special features!

As for the rest, I have never seen THE CHILL FACTOR (2K restoration, new commentary and interviews, VHS workprint, et al.), SCARED STIFF (2K restoration, new audio commentary and making-of documentary, et al.), THE SLAYER (new 4K restoration, audio commentary, isolated score, making-of documentary, et al.), or WHITE FIRE (new audio commentary, new cast & crew interviews, et al.) Just from the description on the back of these discs I'm certain that I am in for quite a ride!

To see what else I've added to my ever-growing movie collection, be sure to scope out my Instagram! To keep up to date on new and upcoming genre titles on Blu-ray and 4K UHD, definitely be sure to follow The Vault on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Until next time Vault Dwellers, continue bulking up your collections to help keep physical media alive in an increasingly digital world!

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