Friday, September 18, 2015


As we rocket towards Halloween season, a lot of new genre films will be hitting theaters, store shelves, and Video On Demand! Here are the trailers for four more flicks you should all keep an eye out for, between now and the end of October!

This outrageous new horror-comedy stars Elija Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill! They're part of the besieged faculty at a grade school, who are fighting for their lives against vicious, infected, cannibalistic children! After eating tainted chicken nuggets during a school lunch, a young girl becomes infected with a highly volatile virus that turns her, and anyone she scratches or bites, into a mini rage zombie!

This movie looks awesome, and sports some great tunes by film score composer KRENG. Check out the trailer and get excited because COOTIES opens in select theaters TODAY! (And will also be available on various On Demand services!)

A group of high school outcasts decide to start up their own garage death metal band! In their bid for becoming cool, they steal some mysterious sheet music and unwittingly unleash an ancient evil upon their friends and family. Now it's up to these four losers to man-up, and stop a demonic force from destroying our world! This one looks like it's gonna be fun as hell; look for it on OCTOBER 2ND in select theaters and on Video On Demand!

You may now head-bang to the trailer!

NOTE: There is no release date set for HARDCORE yet. It opened in Russia back in March and has yet to make its North American debut.

Henry awakens to discover that his wife has turned him into a cyborg. Then suddenly, a psycho with telekinetic powers shows up with an army of mercs, captures Henry's wife, and leads to the world's first ever FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW, FEATURE LENGTH ACTION FILM! This movie looks insane! It's like a video game come to startling life! I want it in my eyeballs now!

Trick-or-treaters from Hell come knocking on the door of Dora (Chloe Rose), a teenager who has just discovered that she is pregnant. But these pint-sized Halloweeners aren't looking for candy: Dora's unborn child is the tasty treat they are after, and only Robert Patrick can stop them! This movie looks like it has taken some inspiration from TRICK R' TREAT, and has definitely piqued my interest.

HELLIONS is available On Demand, TODAY! (Might make a great double feature with COOTIES!) Check out the trailer and see if it makes you think twice about opening the door to any trick-or-treaters this year!

I hope you enjoyed the trailers and found at least one title to get excited about! Check back soon for more cool movie trailers, posters, news, and MORE, right here at The B-Movie News Vault!

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