Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New mini Vault-Cast is live and full of Game of Thrones theories!

Some gave up hope. Some said there would never be another episode. Well Vault Dwellers, those naysayers were wrong! Allow me to present to you an all new Vault-Cast! Recorded just after the second episode of this current season of GAME OF THRONES, Jordan (your humble Vault Master) and "Silent" Steve discuss various theories of where the show may go. At the moment, there aren't any more books to read, so all of us are flying blind!

Some additional notes before you click play on our new cast: This was recorded while we were on a road trip so there is some background noise. We did our best to reduce it without sacrificing the audio quality too much. Also, there are a lot of spoilers, so if you're lagging behind the rest of us, you may want to hold off on listening until you catch up. And again, this was recorded just after episode two of season six, so certain things have since come to pass ("Hold the door!") that we were unaware of at the time.

Give it a listen, and if you enjoy it be sure to check out out previous episodes, which are all available on YouTube, libsyn, and iTunes! Also be sure to share any of your own Game of Thrones theories with us below!

Stayed tuned for another new Vault-Cast episode in just a few weeks! Thanks for listening Vault Dwellers!

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