Thursday, October 20, 2016


Here's an early Halloween treat just for you Vault Dwellers: A new (mobile) Vault-Cast is up on the web for your listening pleasure, and just in time for our favorite holiday!

Recorded on the way to a screening of "Shin Godzilla" (review and podcast coming soon!), we dodged potholes and bad drivers as we waxed nostalgic about our favorite Halloween programming and films, and shared our thoughts on several hidden gems that we recently unearthed (i.e. THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS and DESTROYER)!

Admittedly, the audio quality could be better (we didn't realize there would be so much background noise when we recorded it on the open road), but rest assured that we did our best to reduce it in post-production. You can stream or download this new episode now at LibSyn, or listen to it instantly on YouTube below! (Or look for it on iTunes later this week!)

Thanks for listening Vault Dwellers - we hope you enjoy!

Also a really big special thanks to Vault-Cast fan Chuck Connors for supplying us with a new intro! If you like it, check out his other work at Slicely Studios on SoundCloud!

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