Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Doc Terror Forever - JOIN US as We Celebrate James Harris' Legacy and Help Out His Family!

Last week, my friend James Harris (proprietor of Doc Terror.com and HorrorSexy.com) lost his long battle against Ewing Sarcoma.

In the time I knew him, James was pure inspiration: A devout family man, he was passionate about all things Horror, and overflowing with positive energy. Jimmy's enthusiasm was infectious, and everyone (including Jimmy himself) truly thought that he was going to come out on top in the end.

But the tide suddenly turned a few weeks ago, and now the world seems a bit darker without him. Jimmy was one of a kind - a diamond in the rough. He was the sort of person (and Horror fan) that the rest of us all aspired to be.

Since his passing, I've seen an enormous outpouring of love and sorrow on social media. It is absolutely incredible how many lives Jimmy has touched in his short time here on Earth, so it comes as no surprise that many are rallying to help his family and keep his memory alive!

Here is a list (thus far) of various folks in the Horror community that are doing special film screenings, art prints, t-shirts, and more to raise funds for the Harris clan. I'll try and keep it all updated and current as events are announced:
  • Hudson Horror Show's Chris Alo is putting on a late-night Italian Horror double feature on Saturday May 6th at the Empire South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY. The 35mm screening will feature TWO mystery films! Tickets are set at $16.00, and the show will begin at approximately 10:00 PM! All proceeds from this screening will be donated to the Harris family. The ticket link is now live, so CLICK HERE to order yours now! Even if you can't make it, consider buying a ticket because it is going to a good cause!
  • Quiltface Studios' Chris Garofalo did a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a limited edition art print that pays tribute to James Harris. All proceeds from the sale of the Doc Terror art prints will go to Jimmy's family. The thousand dollar goal was surpassed by quite a bit, so if you donated to the campaign, you will get your very own Doc Terror print! Contact Danny over at The SHOCK Chamber with your mailing address to ensure you get one!
  • The gentlemen at Vinegar Syndrome have just started a silent auction that will continue on now until Monday, April 24th at noon EST. To take part, e-mail your name and bid amount to contact@vinsyn.com with the subject line JAMES HARRIS. Please state if you want to remain anonymous or not. You will be bidding on a single MASSIVE package that will include all of their releases from May thru the end of the year (including all secret and limited titles), which will be shipped out on a monthly basis anywhere in the world. The winning bidder will also receive a film canister with a VS shirt, VS hoodie and other added surprises inside. All of this is valued at over $1k. All proceeds of this auction will go directly to the Harris family via their GoFundMe fundraiser! Please email your name and bid amount to contact@vinsyn.com with the subject line being JAMES HARRIS. Also, please state if you’d like to remain anonymous or not. The deadline to bid is Monday, April 24th at Noon EST.
  • I've heard rumblings that comic book artist Jeff Zornow is working on a special Doc Terror t-shirt design for Fright Rags! All money received for this tribute tee will be donated to Jimmy's fam. More details will be posted once I get them!
  • The folks from Exhumed Films are holding Ex-Fest: Part VII at the International House in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, April 29th. Word has it that this show will be dedicated to the late and great Jimmy Harris, who was a long-time Exhumed fan and supporter.
  • I've also heard that the folks that put on the Italian All-Night Splatter Fest at The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA are dedicating their next big event in honor of Jimmy Terror.
  • Chad from The Horror Movie BBQ is currently pulling together a charity raffle to raise money for Jimmy's family. He's asking any of Doc Terror's friends and fellow bloggers and podcasters to send in collectible items (DVDs, Blu-rays, posters, action figures, etc.) to help sweeten the pot. The raffle is expected to go live sometime in early May.
  • On Friday, May 26th at 7:30 PM, head to The Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers, NY for a James Harris Memorial Screening of CREEPSHOW! Tickets are a mere $12.00, and get you in for a 35mm screening of Jimmy's all-time favorite Horror flick! Quiltface Studios, Fright-Rags and Vinegar Syndrome will have merchandise for sale, and there will be raffle items from Mondo and NECA with proceeds benefitting the family!
  • Danny "Mozz" Monserrate from The SHOCK Chamber started up a GoFundMe for James last March. CLICK HERE to visit the page and make a donation. 

Further details (and hopefully more new events) will be posted soon. In the meantime, explore Jimmy's legacy on the web:

DOCTERROR.COM - Jimmy's home base on the internet. Even as his health deteriorated, he continued plugging away at it.

HORRORSEXY.COM - Home of the HorrorSexy podcast and the short-lived HorrorSexy Web-mag.

DOC TERROR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Those 8-bit Horror game previews James and Frank Browning created are to die for!

CINEPUNX INTERVIEW WITH DOC TERROR - Cool interview with Doc Terror!

Jimmy, it was a distinct honor to call you my friend. I miss you terribly, but hope that someday, in some way, our paths will cross again. Rest in peace my friend, and thank you for being a shining example for so many of us.

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