Tuesday, August 28, 2018

STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 08/28/2018!

Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Yowza! I hope you've all been saving your spare change Vault Dwellers, because this week is chock full of awesome new releases on DVD & Blu-ray! Let's dig right in, shall we?

Scream Factory gives BRAINSCAN and MARY SHELLEY their Blu-ray debuts, Universal did stand-alone Blu-ray releases for all of their PSYCHO and CHILD'S PLAY sequels, and MVD unveiled their "Marquee Collection" with BLAST and CRAZY SIX! (Note: They also added BRAM STOKER'S SHADOWBUILDER to their awesome Rewind Collection as well!)

Full Moon brings RETRO PUPPET MASTER to Blu-ray (and underrated gem in my opinion), Vinegar Syndrome releases two more of their 5 FILMS, 5 YEARS collections (Volumes 3 & 4!), and an abundance of anime titles have made their way to HD!

But Universal tops all of that this week with the Complete Legacy Collections of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and THE INVISIBLE MAN. Wait, what's that? That isn't enough classic monster action for you? Well then why not pick up the UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS: COMPLETE 30-FILM COLLECTION? It has the original films that started it all, their sequels and crossovers, and even their misadventures with Abbott & Costello! I gifted one to myself for my birthday and it is gorgeous!

And believe it or not, we've only scratched the surface gang! To see the full list of this week's new DVDs & Blu-rays, scroll down!

Doctor Who: Series 10, Part 2
The Flash: The Complete 4th Season
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Lucifer: The Complete Third Season
A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die
No Game No Life Zero
Straight to Hell (Director's Cut)
Zatoichi: Darkness is His Ally

18if: The Complete Series
Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man
Angel Cop: The Complete OVA Series
Aura Battler Dunbine
Blast (MVD Marquee Collection)
Boss (aka Boss Nigger)
Bound (Olive Signature Collection)
Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder (MVD Rewind Collection)
The Bride of Chucky
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku: The Complete Collection
Child's Play 2
Child's Play 3
Code Geass: Lelouch Rebellion - The Complete Series
Crazy Six (MVD Marquee Collection)
The Creature from the Black Lagoon: Complete Legacy Collection
Devilman: The Complete OVA Series
The Horror of Party Beach
The Invisible Man: The Complete Legacy Collection
Knights & Magic: The Complete Collection
Mary Shelley
Mindgame (Shout! Factory)
Psycho II
Psycho III
Psycho IV: The Beginning
Psycho-Pass: Season 1
Retro Puppet Master
The Seed of Chucky
Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection
The Vision of Escaflowne: The Complete Series

Bad Company
Beast Fighter: The Apocalypse - Complete TV Series
Eternal Alice: The Complete TV Series
Exploitation: A Woman's Descent into Hell
Garfield's Halloween Adventure
Goreface Killer
Helter Skelter (Warner Archive Collection)
The Little Vampire
The Magic Mirror
The Man Who Laughs
Rise of the Superheroes

Hentai Heaven: Volume 4
Contains: Dishonor Student, Green Eyes, and Invasion Of The Ballbusters.

Vinegar Syndrome's 5 Films, 5 Years: Volume 3 - Golden Age Erotica
Contains: Dracula Sucks, Corporate Assets, Vixens of Kung-Fu, Tropic of Desire, and Baby Rosemary.

Vinegar Syndrome's 5 Films, 5 Years: Volume 4 - Horror and Exploitation
Contains: Cry Wilderness, Vampire Hookers, Evil Come Evil Go, The Cut-Throats, and Teenage Seductress.

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