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STOCK YOUR VAULT: New Blu-rays & 4K Discs for 11/15/22!


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Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Greetings fellow collectors and welcome to an almost on-time edition of our world famous STOCK YOUR VAULT column! This week offers up a great selection of new Blu-ray and 4K releases that span every genre, with a heavy dose of both Action and Comedy! If you're in the process of making a holiday wishlist, well grab a pen because there are definitely some titles here that you're gonna want for Christmas!

Criterion Collection just released a Blu-ray set of the  INFERNAL AFFAIRS TRILOGY, while Lionsgate dropped THE INHABITANT and Ti West's PEARL onto Blu-ray disc! Lionsgate also finally released Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS to 4K  this week as well!

If you're looking for laughs, Paramount re-released AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL to Blu-ray and gave WAYNE'S WORLD a gorgeous 4K release, while Shout Select brought the absolutely hilarious USED CARS to 4K UHD for the first time! And how's this for a head-scratcher: Warner Bros. dropped the all new AQUA TEEN FOREVER: PLANTASM without any warning, on both Blu-ray and 4K UHD. (Seriously, did any of you see a trailer or ad for this one, because I sure as hell didn't!)

Universal put out their COMPLETE BOURNE COLLECTION on 4K this past Tuesday, along with the unexpected (and likely unwanted) sequel R.I.P.D. 2: RISE OF THE DAMNED! Mill Creek released two more ULTRAMAN series to DVD, namely ULTRAMAN MAX and ULTRAMAN NEXUS (which also comes with the feature film ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT), and Grindhouse Releasing's fabulous new 2-disc Collector's Edition of DEATH GAME is now readily available at all retailers!

But this week's Pick of the Week goes to Shout! Factory for their new SONNY CHIBA COLLECTION! Featuring seven of the martial arts star's classic films (YAKUZA WOLF 1 & 2, THE BODYGUARD, KARATE KILLER, SHOGUN'S SHADOW, SAMURAI REINCARNATION, and SWORDS OF VENGEANCE), this new Blu-ray set contains trailers for the films, as well as an interview with the late and great Shinichi Chiba!

Believe it or not, there are a few other titles I've failed to mentioned that came out this week - to view the full roster of new Blu-rays and 4K UHDs please continue scrolling Vault Dwellers!


Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (4K UHD – Warner Bros.)
The Bourne Complete Collection (4K UHD – 20th Anniversary Limited Edition – Universal)
Halo: Season One (4K UHD – Paramount)
Halo: Season One (4K UHD – Limited Edition Steelbook – Paramount)
Reservoir Dogs (4K UHD – Lionsgate)
Sonic the Hedgehog: 2-Movie Collection (Limited Edition Steelbook – 4K UHD – Paramount)
Three Thousand Years of Longing (4K UHD – Warner Bros.)
Used Cars (Collector’s Edition – 4K UHD – Shout Select)
Wayne’s World (30th Anniversary Edition – 4K UHD – Paramount)

Airplane II: The Sequel (Paramount)

Allegoria (Shudder)
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (Warner Bros.)
Blue Hawaii (Paramount Presents)
Death Game (Grindhouse Releasing)
The Doom Patrol: The Complete Third Season (Warner Bros.)
El Vampiro Negro (aka The Black Vampire – Flicker Alley)
Halo: Season One (Paramount)
The Infernal Affairs Trilogy (The Criterion Collection)
The Inhabitant (Lionsgate)
Jeepers Creepers Reborn (Screen Media)
Pearl (Lionsgate)
R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned (Universal)
The Sonny Chiba Collection (Shout Factory)
Spider-Man: 8-Movie Collection (Sony Pictures)
Three Thousand Years of Longing (Warner Bros.)

Ultraman Max: The Complete Series (DVD – Mill Creek Entertainment)
Ultraman Nexus: The Complete Series & Ultraman: The Next (DVD – Mill Creek Entertainment)

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