Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Hey Vault Dwellers! 2016 has been kind of a letdown for major theatrical releases (though I'm still super pumped for DOCTOR STRANGE and ROGUE ONE), but no need to fear because other countries, and indie filmmakers are keeping the spirit of cinema alive! For this edition of the News Vault's Trailer Round-Up, I'm going to take a look at a new Korean zombie flick, Toho's latest entry in their ongoing Godzilla franchise (Yay!), a cool documentary about drive-ins, a crowdfunded FRIDAY THE 13TH tale, and a teaser for an upcoming ode to exploitation cinema! Enjoy!

During my past visits to The Mahoning Drive-In, I saw a flyer in the concession stand telling us moviegoers not be alarmed if we saw a film crew lurking about, because they were filming a documentary. That doc has turned out to be Alexander Monelli's AT THE DRIVE-IN, which chronicles the history of The Mahoning, and it's big decision to skip going digital, in favor of showing 35mm classics every weekend!

I am definitely looking forward to the eventual release of this documentary as I simply love going to this venue! We can expect a longer trailer later this year during the holidays, and hopefully a release of the finished film sometime in 2017.

I don't quite recall how I discovered it, but I watched the trailer for NEVER HIKE ALONE today and got a real shock about a minute in. Thinking it was some sort of found footage flick, or maybe even a survival film, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is actually a FRIDAY THE 13TH fan film!

A lone hiker named Kyle McLeod decides to pay the long abandoned Camp Crystal Lake a visit, and ends up running into a living legend! Using his survival training, Kyle must use his skills to evade and possibly even defeat the masked maniac Jason Voorhees! Will he succeed?!

Watch the trailer below, then CLICK HERE to help get this 22-minute short Kickstarted! That way, we'll all get a chance to see Kyle vs. Jason sometime next year!

Newt Wallen has been working tirelessly on completing his ode to trash cinema, MIDNIGHT SHOW. But now he's also working on a crazy Science-Fiction / Horror extravaganza involving vampires, and the daughters of The Frankenstein Monster... IN SPACE!

Here's a brief synopsis of PLANET FRANKENSTEIN: "During a daring escape from a Vampire stronghold, the daughters of Frankenstein's Monster run into a powerful cosmic storm that has marooned them on a hostile prison planet. For the next 48 hours rescue is impossible. The women have just one option: Survive!"

What you will see below is merely a proof-of-concept teaser trailer for PLANET FRANKENSTEIN, which is still in the very early stages of production. Here's wishing Newt and company all the best in getting their film off the ground! Peep out the teaser below, then give them some love over at the PLANET FRANKENSTEIN Facebook page!

Toho's smash hit SHIN GOJIRA is coming to U.S. shores for a limited engagement! Between October 11th to the 18th, Funimation is releasing SHIN GODZILLA in select theaters across the country! (Check Fandango to see if a theater near you is screening it! Note: This film will be subtitled, so if you "don't like to read movies," consider waiting for the eventual Blu-ray release.)

This reboot was directed by the creators of EVANGELION: NEON GENESIS, and their new design for the Big-G has been divisive among legions of Godzilla fans. In this new film, modern day Japan is attacked by the biggest (and most nightmarish) incarnation of Godzilla yet. Will modern weaponry and technology be a match for the gargantuan kaiju?!

I've already scored tickets to this and can't wait to see a BRAND NEW JAPANESE GODZILLA FILM ON THE BIG SCREEN! Scope out the awesome new trailer for SHIN GODZILLA and get excited kaiju fans!

The Critical Outcast's very own Chris Beaumont highly recommended this movie, and it's no secret why: It looks really good! Though I am admittedly tired of the zombie sub-genre, every now and again, a movie comes along that reignites my interest. And TRAIN TO BUSAN seems to fit the bill!

This South Korean Action Horror-Thriller features a group of travelers on a train that get caught up in a sudden zombie apocalypse. No place seems safe, and a select few fight to survive as their train barrels towards its final destination. The movie is getting rave reviews, and if the trailer is any indication, TRAIN TO BUSAN is going to be intense!

Well Go USA is currently giving this film a limited release in certain cities across the U.S. (CLICK HERE for dates and theater locations), and will hopefully release it on to DVD & Blu-ray later this year! Check out the newest trailer below, then get on board the hype train!

That's it for now Vault Dwellers, but check back again soon for another round of cool trailers for upcoming genre titles, as well as updates on other upcoming films and Blu-ray releases!

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