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STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 02/16/2021!


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Vault Master's Pick of the Week for 02/16/2021 is Image Entertainment's ARCHENEMY!
Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Greetings fellow collectors and welcome to another edition of the News Vault's weekly STOCK YOUR VAULT! I'm know I'm super llate in posting this (sorry!) but hey, better late than never right? This past week was a bit light on new titles but as is typically the case, there are some definite gems you may want to add to your growing collections!

Full Moon Pictures brought THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD to DVD & Blu-ray, Image Entertainment gave RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE its physical media debut, and HBO dropped season one of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY on DVD & Blu-ray disc!

Well Go USA's lone release this past week was THE SWORDSMAN, Lionsgate released FEAR OF RAIN and THE VERY EXCELLENT MR. DUNDEE (the latter should be a real treat for all you Paul Hogan fans out there), Paramount debuted GOOD BURGER on Blu-ray disc, and Kino Lorber once again makes a show of force with the largest number of Blu-ray releases, including JETSONS: THE MOVIE, THE UNDERNEATH, THE UNSEEN (distributed on behalf of Scorpion Releasing), and SLITHIS (in conjunction with Code Red)!

Honestly, there wasn't really a big/important Blu-ray release this week, so I had a tough time choosing my "pick of the week." I settled on Image Entertainment's new Blu of ARCHENEMY starring Joe Manganiello because it sounds interesting, and because Joe recently liked a tweet of mine when I promoted the film a week or two ago. (Thanks Joe - you rock!)

There are some titles I haven't yet mentioned (like the new Limited Edition "Titans of Cult" 4K Steelbook of PACIFIC RIM) - to peep them all out just continue scrolling down! You might find a few things you want but I'd personally suggest saving your money because much more worthwhile releases are on the horizon!

Archenemy (Image Entertainment)
Bad Impulse (Gravitas Ventures)
Breaking Surface (Music Box Films)
Death Trip (Gravitas Ventures)
Fear of the Rain (Lionsgate)
The Heads That Feed The Dead (Full Moon Pictures)
Horizon Line (Universal)
Lovecraft Country: The Complete First Season (HBO)
Paranormal Prison
Random Acts of Violence (Shudder/Image Entertainment)
The Swordsman (Well Go USA)
The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (Lionsgate)

Filmworker (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Good Burger (Paramount)
Harley Quinn: The Complete First & Second Seasons (Warner Bros.)
Jetsons: The Movie (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 2 (Limited Edition - Warner Bros.)
Motto To Love Ru: Season 2
My Hero Academia: Season 4, Part 2
Naruto: Set 2 (Warner Bros.)
Pacific Rim ("Titans of Cult" Limited Edition 4K Steelbook)
Slithis (aka Spawn of the Slithis - Code Red/Kino Lorber)
Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: The Complete Series (Funimation)
The Underneath (Kino Lorber Studio Classic)
The Unseen (Scorpion Releasing/Kino Lorber)

Blood Demon Rising
Harley Quinn: The Complete Second Season (Warner Bros.)
The Leprechaun's Game
Mask of Thorn
Nuns: An Italian Horror Story
Play Dead (Darkside Releasing/Pink Eiga)
Snow Woman (Darkside Releasing/Pink Eiga)
Stranded on Mars
Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race

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