Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shout! Studios Set to Distribute the Soska Sisters' Remake of Cronenberg's RABID!

Original promo poster for David Cronenberg's RABID.
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Hey Vault Dwellers! We recently got word that Jen and Sylvia Soska, the duo behind AMERICAN MARY, SEE NO EVIL 2, and VENDETTA, are prepping to remake David Cronenberg's 1977 film, RABID! The original film stars Marilyn Chambers as Rose, a young woman that receives an experimental surgery after a terrible motorcycle accident. Though it seems like a success at first, the series of skin grafts that Rose underwent result in a mutation, essentially cursing her with a blood-sucking vagina under her armpit, that infects people and turns them.... rabid!

The Soska Sisters are currently in the pre-production stage, and are planning to start principal photography in April. Working alongside screenwriter John Serge (who has worked exclusively on made-for-TV movies until now) the Soskas have adapted their screenplay from the original film. Shout! Studios has secured the U.S. rights to distribute the RABID redo across all digital platforms, while Back 40 Pictures will be handling theatrical distribution.

Jen and Sylvia had this to say about their latest production:
"It's a tremendous honor to be re-imaging David's 1977 body horror classic, RABID, with such incredible support behind us. We are not fans of soulless remakes as seems to be the trend these days as they disrespect the fans and the original body of work. Our RABID is a continuation of the thoughts and conversation David started with his original piece and modernized through a female perspective.
This film will truly honor not only the original, but Cronenberg's entire body of work which would not have been possible without a team behind us that cares about the artist and well as the fans. Shout! Studios has always put the fans first and this film will blow audiences away with its authenticity and elevated horror."
Currently, this is all the information that is available on the upcoming RABID remake, so stay tuned for more details as they are released Vault Dwellers! For additional details and future updates, be sure to like the RABID Facebook Page! And while you wait for the remake, why not give the original film a look if you haven't already? Watch the trailer below, and considering buying it on Blu-ray HERE! Hate remakes? Well maybe this article from the Vault archives will help put your mind at ease!

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