Friday, January 18, 2019

The 17th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Are Coming!


The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards have been on my radar for at least a decade now, and part of me always wanted to win one: Partially for bragging rights (don't judge, everyone's ego needs a little boost every now and again), but mostly for vindication. (Ha! You see?! Writing about movies and Blu-rays IS a worthwhile pursuit!) Imagine my complete shock when The B-Movie Film Vault showed up as a nominee last year for BEST WEBSITE OR BLOG OF 2017! Here's a quick video of my reaction:

Now I did not even come CLOSE to winning a Rondo (I had some pretty stiff competition from much larger sites that have writing staffs), but just to be included in the running was amazing! This year I'm hoping The Vault gets nominated again, even though I didn't create much content throughout 2018 on the main site. (But in my defense, I was very active on social media AND updated The News Vault quite frequently, so that has to count for something, right?) While I have no illusions about winning a Rondo, I would be very proud to be nominated again!

Speaking of which, the nomination process has already begun! So if you'd like to suggest a film, or magazine, or article, artist, "monster kid," or website (like The B-Movie Film Vault perhaps?) there are two ways to get your choices on the ballot:
  1. You may privately e-mail suggestions to David Colton at
  2. Join the Classic Horror Film Board, login, and make your suggestions in THIS THREAD.
Yes, it really is that easy Vault Dwellers! So if you have a few free minutes, please take the time to send in a list of nominees, and stay tuned for further updates on when the actual voting will begin in February! And for those of you who think I'm good enough to end up on this year's ballot, from the bottom of heart I thank you!

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