Friday, January 25, 2019

Salt City Horror Fest Rises Again on April 13th, 2019!

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I sadly missed out on Salt City Horror Fest last year, which boasted a crazy-awesome 35mm roster that featured the original KING KONG, C.H.U.D., C.H.U.D. II, CREEPSHOW 2, PET SEMATARY, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, TERRORVISION, and THE MANSON MASSACRE! My only thought after missing that show was "Damn, it'll be hard to top that." Luckily The Palace Theater's programmers were up to the task this year!

On Saturday, April 13th this annual event returns to The Palace Theater in Syracuse for a full day of 35mm screenings! The doors open at 10:00 AM to allow attendees to stake out their seats and scope out all the various vendor tables in the lobby. At 10:30 various shorts and 35mm cartoons will fire up on the big screen, and the movies kick-off at 11:00 AM!

But things are a little bit different this time around Vault Dwellers as there will be NO special guests or Q&A sessions, and no breaks between films! (Essentially, you have until the end credits to rush to the bathroom and/or grab a snack!) That's right: This going to be an endurance run! And you may not want to leave your seat much at all because the lineup is populated with some fantastic films and rare gems!

While I'm not certain about the exact start and stop times for each film, I can at least tell you what's playing, and in what order! Brace yourselves film fans:
  • JAWS (1975) - Spielberg's immortal classic about a heroic trio battling a man-eating Great White to save their island community! (Read my review HERE.)
  • EQUINOX (1970) - A sole survivor recounts how he and his friends were attacked by a demon in this rarely screened 1970 classic!
  • RAZORBACK (1984) - "JAWS on trotters!" An American journeys to the Australian Outback to find out what happened to his wife and ends up battling a giant boar! This is a very rare screening of this film, which is probably one of the artsiest entries into the eco-horror sub-genre!
  • PSYCHO (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock's classic proto-slasher features Anthony Perkins' in the iconic role of Norman Bates!
  • NEVER HIKE ALONE (2017) - Vincent DiSanti's awesome FRIDAY THE 13TH fan film! A hiker accidentally wanders onto the remnants of Camp Crystal Lake and quickly discovers that he's not alone! (Digital presentation.)
  • I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970) - After wreaking havoc on a small town, a gang of hippies are infected with rabies, and go on a cannibalism spree. Holy cow, this movie sounds completely bonkers!
  • THE THING (1982) - John Carpenter's amazing adaptation of Joseph Campbell's novella Who Goes There? An all-star cast is trapped in the Antarctic with a shape-shifting menace from another world in this horror classic! (Read my review HERE.)
  • SCANNERS (1981) - David Cronenberg's classic involving a man that is tasked with using his psychic powers to hunt down others like him! This one has one of the greatest exploding head scenes in cinematic history! 
  • SEVERANCE (2006) - A group of employees go to a secluded cabin in Hungary for a team-building weekend, and end up fighting for their lives in this fun horror-comedy from Christopher Smith, who also directed CREEP and BLACK DEATH.
Advance tickets for this year's SALT CITY HORROR FEST are currently on sale - CLICK HERE to secure yours now! Regular tickets are $30 while VIP tickets are $60 and will net you a catered dinner plus an official Salt City Horror Fest t-shirt! (Note: There is also a "ticket fee" if you pre-order online.) Otherwise, arrive early on April 13th, get a ticket at the door, and prepare yourself for a full day of 35mm madness!

For further info and updates, be sure to follow SALT CITY HORROR FEST on Facebook! And hopefully I'll see some of you there in April!

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