Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Now Available on Blu-ray - BLACK MOON RISING! Super Cars, Dueling Thieves, and One of the Greatest Casts Ever Assembled!


On paper, BLACK MOON RISING seems like it just has to be one of the greatest films ever made! Directed by Harley Cokeliss (BATTLETRUCK, DREAM DEMON, MALONE) this film was written by John Carpenter, scored by Lalo Schifrin, and stars Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Bubba Smith, Nick Cassavetes, Keenan Wynn, Richard Jaeckal, and several other familiar faces!

I saw this movie on VHS many years ago and don't remember a thing about it (other than I think I liked it?), but I'm eager to revisit BLACK MOON RISING based solely upon the talent on both sides of the camera!

Synopsis: When master thief Sam Quint (Tommy Lee Jones - THE FUGITIVE, BLOWN AWAY, THE PARK IS MINE) is hired by the government to steal top-secret data from a crime organization, he hides the stolen data in the experimental supercar, The Black Moon. But when the car is then stolen by high-tech auto thief Nina (Linda Hamilton - THE TERMINATOR), Quint must pull off the most daring heist of all: break into an impenetrable skyscraper and steal it back. With time running out and all sides closing in, Quint and Nina take The Black Moon on one final ride towards a shattering climax of sky-high suspense.

Screenplay by legendary filmmaker John Carpenter (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK), Desmond Nakano (AMERICAN ME), and William Gray (AN EYE FOR AN EYE), from a story by Carpenter. Top-notch direction by Harley Cokliss (MALONE) with a rousing score by Lalo Schifrin (PRIME CUT, DIRTY HARRY). The all-star cast includes Robert Vaughn (BULLITT), Richard Jaeckel (THE DIRTY DOZEN, GRIZZLY), Lee Ving (THE TAKING OF BEVERLY HILLS), Bubba Smith (POLICE ACADEMY), William Sanderson (BLADE RUNNER), Keenan Wynn (DR. STRANGELOVE), Nick Cassavetes (THE WRAITH), and Don Keith Opper (ANDROID, CRITTERS).

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 100 minutes | Region A
Video - 1080p Widescreen (1.85:1)
Audio - English: LPCM 2.0 and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

  • NEW! 2K Restoration of the film from the Original 35mm interpositive!
  • NEW! Audio Commentary by Film Historian Lee Gambin, the author of Hell Hath No Fury Like Her: The Making of Christine!
  • NEW! Black Moon Ascending: Interview with director Harley Cokeliss!
  • NEW! Thief in The Night: Producing Black Moon Rising: Interview with producer Douglas Curtis!
  • NEW! Sound of Speed: Composing Black Moon Rising - Interview with composer Lalo Schifrin and film music historian Daniel Schweiger!
  • NEW! Carpenter’s Craft: A video essay on co-writer John Carpenter’s screenwriting career by author and critic Troy Howarth!
  • Making Black Moon Rising: An archival documentary featuring behind-the-scenes footage and cast and crew interviews!
  • Alternative Hong Kong version scenes, a presentation of selected scenes from the Hong Kong theatrical version with a different score and sound effects!
  • Reversible Art
  • Radio Spots 
  • Theatrical Trailer
Kino Lorber's Special Edition of BLACK MOON RISING looks pretty awesome - I think I'll be adding it to my collection at some point! (The Lee Gambin commentary alone is probably worth the $18 - $20 pricetag!) If this movie sounds like it's up your alley, then order a copy now from AMAZON, BULL MOOSE, or DIABOLIK DVD!

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