Thursday, June 14, 2018

ROBOT NINJA is Coming to Blu-ray in Late 2018!


Talk about a blast from my past! I came across ROBOT NINJA during my early teen years at a VHS liquidation outlet and bought it solely based upon the cover art. While I didn't end up loving it like I had hoped, the movie certainly left an impression on me.

At least fifteen years have passed since I've seen ROBOT NINJA, so you can imagine my surprise after receiving an e-mail touting its impending return to home video! And now, after a relatively successful IndieGoGo campaign, we're getting this film in a 2-Disc Ultimate Edition that features a 2K restoration, lots of extras, and a soundtrack CD! For the full details of this upcoming release, read onward Vault Dwellers!

Synopsis: Leonard Miller (Michael Todd - THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, LURKING FEAR) is a frustrated artist. His publisher, his agent... everyone is out to capitalize on the blooming success of Robot Ninja, the greatest costumed superhero since Batman! One night, Miller witnesses the brutal rape and murder of a young couple at the hands of ruthless thugs. He cries out for revenge! With the help of an inventor friend, Dr. Goodknight (Bogdan Pecic - THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, ZOMBIE COP), Miller becomes the Robot Ninja, stalking the dark streets of Ridgway, intent on spilling some blood!

The only thing standing in his way is Sanchez (Maria Marcovic - THE DEAD NEXT DOOR) and her band of villains. Relentlessly, Miller pursues his prey, watching the bodies pile up before him. The only thing stopping him is Goodknight, and a frustrated local cop that’s always just one step behind him. Robot Ninja slashes, stabs, guts, pokes and jabs his way through body after body until his final confrontation with head baddie Sanchez. You’ll never see comic books the same way again!

Disc Specs:
Rated R | Color | 80 minutes | Region Free
Video - 1080p Fullscreen (4:3)
Audio - Original 2.0 Stereo Mix

For decades, this was the only way to watch ROBOT NINJA!

  • NEW! 2K Restoration from the original 16mm negative!
  • 1989 VHS Release Version in 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio (Standard Definition)
  • Audio Commentary with Doug Tilley and Moe Porne of No-Budget Nightmares Podcast!
  • Cast & crew interviews
  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage
  • 1989 Original VHS Release Trailer
  • "The Robot Ninja" 2014 fan film by Johnny Dickie
  • Tempe Digital Trailers
  • NEW! Reversible cover art featuring original VHS cover art on one side, and newly-commissioned artwork by David Lange on the other!

  • NEW! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack with complete score by J.R. Bookwalter plus songs by J.R. Bookwalter, Foxx, Argus, and Rodney Shields!
There is no official release date yet for the Ultimate Edition of ROBOT NINJA and more extras may be added as the months tick by. Ant though it is not listed here, I did read that J.R. Bookwalter is also working on creating a cropped 16:9 Widescreen version for non-purists, but I'm not entirely sure if that will be included here, or released separately.

As more details are revealed about this upcoming Blu-ray, I'll update this post. If you are interested in owning ROBOT NINJA (which has been out of print for nearly thirty years!), you can order a copy exclusively through TEMPE ENTERTAINMENT'S ONLINE STORE!

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