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STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 02/25/2020!

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Mondo Macabro's THE BEAST AND THE MAGIC SWORD is the Vault Master's Pick of the Week for 02/25/2020!
Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Greetings fellow collectors of physical media, and welcome to the final STOCK YOUR VAULT post of February 2020! There were a lot of great releases in the past few weeks, but this week in particular is loaded with new titles!

Tokyo Shock comes out of nowhere with a new (DVD and) Blu-ray release of GAPPA: THE TRIPHIBIAN MONSTER, Synapse brings the Unrated Producer's Cut of HOT DOG... THE MOVIE to DVD & Blu-ray, and Vinegar Syndrome just dropped their standard Blu-ray release of SPOOKIES for those that missed out on the Limited Edition!

Scream Factory's lone release this week is their Collector's Edition Blu-ray of PET SEMATARY TWO, Arrow Video brings DEADLY MANOR and the ONE MISSED CALL TRILOGY to Blu-ray, and Severin Films brings a trio of new titles to DVD and Blu-ray disc, including THE ASTROLOGER, CRIES OF PLEASURE, and NIGHT OF OPEN SEX.

Mill Creek Entertainment delivers a double dose of Ultraman today with two series that have never been released in the U.S. - THE RETURN OF ULTRAMAN and ULTRAMAN ORB: THE ORIGIN SAGA, while SRS Cinema brings a pair of indie kaiju flicks to Blu-ray disc, namely REIGO: KING OF THE SEA MONSTERS, and RAIGA: GOD OF THE MONSTERS! Also out today is Richard Stanley's COLOR OUT OF SPACE starring Nicolas Cage, which is supposedly the start of a new H.P. Lovecraft trilogy!

But my pick of the week has to be Mondo Macabro's all new Region Free Blu-ray of THE BEAST AND THE MAGIC SWORD, which features Paul Naschy in his signature role of Waldemar Daninsky! The film has been restored in 4K from an original negative and comes with a variety of extras, including interviews, an audio commentary, an introduction from Paul Naschy, and more!

There's a lot of other new DVDs and Blu-rays out today so be sure to scroll down to see the full list Vault Dwellers!

Alien Domicile 2: Lot 24
And Hope to Die (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
The Astrologer (Severin Films)
Can't Kill This
Color out of Space
Cries of Pleasure (Severin Films)
Hot Dog... The Movie (Unrated Producer's Cut - Synapse Films)
Hudson River Massacre (MVD Classics)
Night of Open Sex (Severin Films)
Old Blood: Flamel's Legacy
Perfect Friday (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Porta Infernales

The Beast and the Magic Sword (Mondo Macabro)
Casino Royale (4K UHD)
City Hunter: Season 1, Set 1
Code 8
Code Geass: LeLouch of the Re;surrection (Steelbook)
Code Realize - The Guardian of Rebirth: The Complete Series
Deadly Manor (Special Edition - Arrow Video)
Food Wars! The Third Plate (Sentai Filmworks)
Gappa: The Triphibian Monster (Tokyo Shock)
Hasta el Viento Tiene Miedo (aka Even the Wind is Afraid - VCI)
Hump Bang!
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo / Aki Sora
Max and the Junkmen (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Mom & Dad (Kino Classics)
One Missed Call Trilogy (2-Disc Special Edition - Arrow Video)
Ouai des Orfeveres (aka Jenny Lamour - Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Pet Sematary Two (Collector's Edition - Scream Factory)
Psycho Armor Govarian: The Complete TV Series
Quantum of Solace (4K UHD)
Raiga: God of the Monsters (SRS Cinema)
Reefer Madness / Sex Madness (Kino Classics / Something Weird Video)
Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters (SRS Cinema)
The Return of Ultraman (Standard & Steelbook Editions - Mill Creek Entertainment)
The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (VCI)
Skyfall (4K UHD)
Spectre (4K UHD)
Spookies (Vinegar Syndrome)
Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Unashamed: A Romance / Elysia: Valley of the Nude (Kino Classics / Something Weird Video)
Victory (Warner Archive Collection)
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World: The Complete Series

Blood River
Hole (Unrated - Wild Eye)
Savage Island
Shadows in the Garden
The Shadow Walkers
The Theatre of Terror
Zombie Rampage 2

Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zeman (Criterion Collection)
Contains: Journey to the Beginning of Time, Invention for Destruction, and The Fabulous Baron Munchausen.

Drop Dead Rock / Cyber Bandits
Humongous / Eagle Island
R.O.T.O.R. / Robo Vampire
Slashdance / Screamtime
Slasher / Absurd
Sledgehammer / The Love Butcher
Time Walker / The Day Time Ended
The Vals / The Hereafter
The Video Dead / The Laughing Dead

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