Monday, June 8, 2015

WOLFCOP 2 celebrity crowdfunding campaign is in full swing!

Around this time last year, I was sent a screener for Lowell Dean's horror/comedy WOLFCOP. Needless to say, I really got a kick out of it. (Read my review HERE.) Imagine my surprise today, when I discovered that a sequel is definitely in the works, and that the crew is pulling together funds to make WOLFCOP 2 bigger and better than the original film! They apparently already have the money to shoot the new Wolfcop adventure, but they really want to add a few big names to the cast.

To do this, they currently have a crowdfunding campaign going to raise funds to get a well known celebrity or two (or three!) to appear in this film, which promises to have more action, gore, and raunchy humor.

Check out this video message from director Lowell Dean for more info:

While I am all for this, I do think it's a tad unnecessary. The first film was a hit, not because of any star power, but because it was a fun concept. People wanted to see it. That being said, having a few big names attached isn't an unwelcome idea. Just look at KUNG FURY, which featured a cameo (and music video) by David Hasslehoff!

So if you're in a giving mood, head on over to the WOLFCOP 2 Indiegogo campaign page, make your donation, and choose "3 Heroes" that you'd want to see in the film. You can choose an actor, athlete, comedian, artist, musician, friend, family member, etc.!

Regardless of whether or not they raise the funds, WOLFCOP 2 is a go, and I can't wait to see what insane direction this new indie franchise goes in!

Stay tuned for more WOLFCOP 2 news & updates as I get them!

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