Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Check out Alex DiVincenzo's hilarious short, THE HORRORS OF AUTOCORRECT!

What happens when an old school slasher faces off with a tech-savvy teen? Find out in 
"brb. There's some1 @ the door. lolz"

This awesome horror short was written and directed by Alex DiVincenzo, and is totally free to watch on Eli Roth's CRYPT-TV! Starring Nick Principe (LAID TO REST, HATCHET II) and Jaquelyn Fabian, this hysterical homage to SCREAM features a serial killer who can't seem to master death threats via text message. It's clever, well done, and even takes a funny pot-shot at A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. 2: FREDDY'S REVENGE!

For some reason this short was removed from YouTube, but you can still watch the trailer for THE HORRORS OF AUTOCORRECT below! (Note: You can watch it HERE!)

If you dug that, then keep an eye out for Alex DiVincenzo's next short film, TROUSER SNAKE, a throwback to 1950s b-cinema!

To keep tabs on Alex's upcoming projects, be sure to visit (and like) the official Facebook page of Lockbridge Productions!

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