Sunday, June 28, 2015


Lots of new trailers have popped up on the web recently, for films both great and small. So let's not waste any time and get right into them, shall we?

I was looking forward to this movie LAST YEAR, but apparently there was a falling out between the financiers and the publicity/advertising firm that was supposed to promote the film. Shucks, and here I thought it was because the film was "too extreme," much like the movie it is an homage to, namely CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST! (A film I still haven't watched yet, even though I own the impressive Grindhouse Releasing blu-ray.)

Scope out the trailer for Roth's cannibal epic, where some good-natured activists crash-land in the rainforest and meet the local tribe... FOR DINNER!

The trailer doesn't give too much away, other than you will be shocked by this film. I'll believe it when I see it Eli Roth!

Just got a press release about this one the other day. The story follows a private investigator that loses his son and eventually returns to his job. However, once back to work, he's stuck with the task of observing a woman from the window of a creepy abandoned apartment building. Soon strange things begin to happen around him, making you wonder if he is going mad, or dealing with dark forces living within the building itself.

Observe the trailer below!

The film is making it's premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival next month! I may just check it out after it finally gets distribution here in North America later this year.

Finally, let's look at a big mainstream release trailer for Marvel's ANT-MAN. This is, thus far, the only Marvel feature film that I'm not really looking forward to. I just can't get excited for it... or at least, I couldn't get excited for it. The latest international trailer takes things up a notch, with more new footage that we haven't seen yet.

The film follows former criminal Scott Lang as he turns his life around and becomes the size-shifting hero named ANT-MAN! I think the movie (which is already getting rave reviews) will probably be a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a lot of wind was taken out of the sails when Edgar Wright (director of "The Cornetto Trilogy") left the project.

Check out the trailer; ignore the Japanese narration!

That's it for today! Check back soon for more trailers, posters, press releases, and DVD/Blu-ray release news!

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