Wednesday, February 14, 2018



Rated PG-13 | Color | 90 minutes

UPDATE [07/07/23]: Scream Factory will be releasing MY DEMON LOVER to Blu-ray disc on September 5, 2023! You can pre-order a copy HERE!

Decades ago, when I was a fervent collector of VHS tapes, I would scour the tables and racks of various video stores and liquidation outlets. This allowed me to build up my collection fairly quickly (and cheaply), and I discovered many obscure titles that still haven't made the leap to DVD or Blu-ray to this day!

One such film that stuck with me over the years was an odd romantic comedy called MY DEMON LOVER. Once I read that it featured Scott Valentine from Family Ties (he played Nick Moore) as a horny demon, I was sold! However thirty years have passed since this bizarre gem hit theaters, and no one has bothered to put it out on Blu-ray disc! This will not stand!

Synopsis: Denny (Michele Little - SWEET REVENGE, RADIOACTIVE DREAMS, APOLLO 13) doesn't have much luck with love. (Maybe it's because she's named after a restaurant chain?) But after her most recent breakup, she meets Kaz (Scott Valentine - TO SLEEP WITH A VAMPIRE, CARNOSAUR 3: PRIMAL SPECIES, Black Scorpion), a homeless street musician with a startling secret: Whenever he becomes aroused, he sprouts horns, claws, and wings!

Eventually Denny starts falling for her demon lover, but their relationship hits a bump when the bodies of women start piling up around New York City! Is Kaz losing control of his lustful alter-ego, or is another culprit on the loose? Either way, he must find the answer in order to clear his conscience, find true love, and break his curse!

My Demon Lover Image borrowed from Badmovies.Org!
"For the last time, NO I'm not William Katt!"

It's been a while since I last watched MY DEMON LOVER Vault Dwellers, but I do have some fond recollections of it. While Scott Valentine is kind of out of his element, the movie does have a fun premise and some surprisingly good practical effects. Though I can't classify this movie as some long lost classic, I feel like MY DEMON LOVER has been unfairly cast aside, and is more than deserving of a legit Blu-ray release!

Availability: Originally released on VHS (and Laserdisc?!) by RCA/Columbia Home Video, MY DEMON LOVER would get a second go on video tape in 1998 when it was re-released by New Line Home Video. Imagine my absolute shock when I discovered that it is currently available to stream (or buy) on Amazon Instant Video, and has also been released as part of the Warner Archive Collection (on DVD-R)!

Current Rights Holder: Warner Bros. New Line Cinema produced and distributed MY DEMON LOVER back in 1987. In 2008, they merged with Warner, and a mere four years later, this film became part of the Warner Archive Collection.

My Demon Lover image borrowed from BadMovies.Org!
Love can be ugly sometimes.

Blu-ray Wishlist:
  • A new 2K scan of the film from an archival print or interpositive. 
  • Audio commentary by director Charlie Loventhal.
  • Interviews with screenwriter Leslie Ray, director Charlie Loventhal, and main cast members (i.e. Scott Valentine, Michele Little, Robert Trebor, and Gina Gallego)
  • Interview with some of the special effects team, including: Robert Calvert, Doug Drexler, and John Caglione Jr.
  • Intimate Strangers Music Video for "Let Go." (As seen HERE.)
  • Original theatrical trailer
I can't possibly be the only person that enjoys this silly romantic creature feature can I? If so, then I guess we're stuck with what is essentially a legal bootleg that lacks any extras. BUT if enough people show interest, then perhaps we can get the WB to give MY DEMON LOVER a nice shiny Blu-ray release! If you're up to the task, start bugging the powers that be: Contact Warner Bros. on Facebook and Twitter, and Warner Archive on Facebook and Twitter as well!


  1. Someone else remembers it besides me!! This film was such a fixture of my childhood, which says a lot about my very odd viewing habits.

  2. I am a huge fan of this movie and would love to see it on Blu. I recently bought the DVD-R version so I could cover it for my podcast, and that DVD really needs to be upgraded!

    1. I agree 100%! Thanks for sharing your podcast - I'm sorry to say that I didn't fall in love with Halloween III until just over a decade ago! (It took a 35mm screening with Tom Atkins in attendance to make me see the light!) I'll have to listen to the entire thing while I watch "My Demon Lover" some night!