Saturday, October 5, 2019

It's Not the Destination That Kills You, It's the Journey - SCOOTER is Coming Soon!

Official poster for Matt Wohl's SCOOTER.

I've never been a huge fan of found footage movies. In fact, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, several entries in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise, and Bobcat Goldthwait's WILLOW CREEK almost made me renounce the sub-genre entirely. Then I experienced CHRONICLE, CLOVERFIELD, DIARY OF THE DEAD, DIGGING UP THE MARROW, EXISTS, and TROLL HUNTER and had a change of heart, which is why I'm more than willing to give Matt Wohl's SCOOTER a shot. His indie found footage thriller is currently being screened at theaters across the nation with a DVD & VOD release likely later this year (or early next)!

Synopsis: "The Three Amigoes" are life-long best friends and partners in crime. They became internet famous after their YouTube channel went viral, with each episode of their antics having them undertaking some ridiculous challenge, from racing cars to tricycles. And from the waters of the South Atlantic to the bottom of a swimming pool, there’s no challenge too stupid. Like a pack of cats, they always land on their feet.

The Amigoes latest challenge is to ride scooters from Miami to New Orleans. Each person has $1000 to get a scooter, pay for gas, food, and lodging. After they select their vehicles and pack their bags, it’s time to hit the road. They soon find that their 50CC scooters are no match of I-95, and they retreat to the side roads to continue their epic 900 mile journey. While the road is smoother, the trip gets a lot bumpier. One of the scooters break down, the friends start to fight among themselves, and their troubles reach a climax when they witness and video a murder.

Stuck in rural Florida with two working scooters, they have little hope of escape, and the killer is hot on their trail. What was once a leisurely trip becomes a fight for survival. They end up captured, tortured, and it’s clear they won’t all survive. When those who are sworn to protect you are the problem, where do you turn? Will they all die in a small backwater town, or can they once again defy the odds and come out alive?

Screening Dates & Locations:
  • Denver, CO - Oct. 10 Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake
  • New York, NY - Oct. 16 UA Court Street 12 & RPX
  • Atlanta, GA - Oct. 24 Landmark Midtown Art Cinema
  • Boston, MA - OCT 29 Landmark Embassy
  • Sarasota, FL - Nov. 6 AMC Sarasota 12 & IMAX
  • Austin, TX - Nov 14 Alamo Drafthouse Mueller

Stills & Trailer:
(Click on images to enlarge them.)

Two of "The Amigoes" are under arrest in SCOOTER.

I'm pretty sure these guys just stole a cop car in SCOOTER.

Could this gent bring an end to "The Three Amigoes" in SCOOTER?

Once SCOOTER finishes up its theatrical roadshow it will probably be released on DVD and Video On Demand. Stay tuned for further info on SCOOTER's eventual home video (and digital) release!

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