Friday, September 20, 2019

Attention Blu-ray Collectors: Severin Films' Replacement Program for THE CHANGELING Has Apparently Ended. [UPDATED]


Just over a year ago, Severin Films released THE CHANGELING in a fantastic limited edition Blu-ray, with new artwork, new extras, and a soundtrack CD! (Read all about it HERE.) But shortly after its release, some fans complained about having issues with their discs, which Severin quickly rectified. A week after release, they publicly apologized, explained the issues, and then had replacement discs made. Those shiny new error-free discs were then shipped out starting on Monday, October 1st to anyone that contacted Severin with a complaint and proof of purchase.

Severin Films' public apology for faulty THE CHANGELING discs.
This. THIS is how you handle customer service and respond to quality control issues!

Severin anounces the shipping of replacement discs for THE CHANGELING! YAY!
Again, stellar job Severin Films! Top notch customer service!
But it would now seem that Severin's replacement disc program has quietly ended. While this seems like a "case closed" kind of deal, I can't help but wonder if they made enough replacement discs. This particular release was limited to 5,000 copies, and came with a soundtrack CD - both the film AND the compact disc had audio issues. So it stands to reason that they would order another 5,000 of each disc to cover the limited run right?

I ask this question because a fellow collector contacted me today and explained that their friend just purchased a new copy of THE CHANGELING on Blu-ray from (it seems that there's still some CHANGELING discs out there in the wild!), but when they contacted Severin Films about obtaining a replacement disc, they were told that the program had ended. For a company that puts so much effort into its customer service that just seems a bit... out of character.

Jason from Severin Films' explains that THE CHANGELING replacement disc program is over.
Sooo... [redacted] is stuck with a faulty product then?
First off, as far as I've been able to find, no public announcement was made stating that there was a cut-off date for receiving replacement discs. Furthermore, I could not find a "time's up" statement on Severin's social media feeds or website. And if the entire run of CHANGELING Blu-rays and CDs all contained the same defects, then there should still be enough replacement discs on hand, correct?

So why not go that extra mile and honor the agreement? The disc(s) gets replaced, and the new customer is happy and will likely continue picking up future Severin titles, knowing that they will have the guarantee a quality product, and quality customer service! Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Yours truly has reached out to Severin Films for confirmation and clarification of the suspended replacement disc program for THE CHANGELING. I shall update this post with more information as I receive it! While you wait for an update, take a quick look at Severin's upcoming (limited) release of the KILLER CROCODILE movies!

UPDATE (09/22/2019): At this time, I still have not received a reply from Severin Films concerning the end of their replacement program for THE CHANGELING. However, they did in fact mail out a new disc of the film to the customer that notified me of the program's cancellation! Good on you Severin - I knew you wouldn't leave him hanging!

UPDATE (09/23/2019): A rep from Severin Films got back to me today. Here is what they had to say: "We appreciate you reaching out to us about this. The replacement program was running for a full year, and we shut it down mostly because requests had stopped coming in. We do still have replacement discs though, so anyone who missed out on during the full year the program was running can write to with proof of purchase and he will handle it."


  1. Discovered this issue recently. Sent emails to both "" and "" w/ proof of purchase. No replies as of yet.

    *shrugs* Guess I'll just stick with the 2.0 track. And stop pre-ordering Severin titles. Wait until they've been out for a year.

  2. Disregard my earlier comment, Severin replied & shipped out a disc.

    1. It's the holiday season so they were probably quite busy - Glad they took care of you! I figured they would because their customer service is typically on point!