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STOCK YOUR VAULT: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 09/17/2019!

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Arrow Video's WHO SAW HER DIE? Blu-ray is our Pick of the Week!
Vault Master's Pick of the Week!

Greetings fellow collectors and welcome to the most expensive week we've had in quite some time! ALL of our favorite labels have unleashed a barrage of fantastic Blu-ray titles this week, plus there are numerous bargain-priced movie collections if you're looking to get more bang for your buck!

Unearthed Films debuted NIGHTWISH on DVD & Blu-ray today, Kino Lorber Studio Classics gives Western fans a double feature of SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GUN FIGHTER and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF, and Scream Factory brings a pair of Peter Collinson films to Blu-ray, namely FRIGHT (aka I'M SCARED AND ALONE) and STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING.

TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY made its physical media debut today, John Waters' POLYESTER is now a proud addition to the Criterion Collection, and Mill Creek Entertainment brings Andy Sidaris' DO OR DIE and GUNS to Blu-ray for the first time!

In terms of quantity, Darkside Releasing (a company I don't mention too frequently) wins the week with their barrage of new titles on Blu-ray, which include A MATA NEGRA (THE BLACK FOREST), CHOPPING BLOCK, LONELY HEARTS, ODISSEA DELLA MORTE, and MUSEUM OF WONDERS. Now if we're talking quality, Arrow Video wins out with their Limited Edition Blu of THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2, and their excellent Blu-ray release of Aldo Lado's giallo film, WHO SAW HER DIE?

There are plenty of other DVD & Blu-ray titles out this week - to see them all be sure to scroll down!

The Brides
Dead Water
Dry Blood
Kung Fu League
Lust of the Dead: Trash Terror Trilogy (Media Blasters)
Nightwish (Unearthed Classics)
Pokemon: Black & White Collection
Polyester (The Criterion Collection)
Supergirl: Season 4
The Velocipastor
X-Men: Dark Phoenix

#Screamers / The Monster Project (Double Feature)
Chopping Block (Darkside Releasing)
Doctor Who: The Complete David Tennant Collection
Do or Die (Mill Creek Entertainment)
The Films of Sarah Jacobson: Mary Jane's Not a Virgin & I Was a Teenage Serial Killer (AGFA)
Fright (1971- aka I'm Scared And Alone - Scream Factory)
Guns (Mill Creek Entertainment)
The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 (Limited Edition - Arrow Video)
Lonely Hearts (Darkside Releasing)
A Mata Negra (The Black Forest - Darkside Releasing)
Museum of Wonders (Darkside Releasing)
Nobunagun: The Complete Series
Odissea Della Morte (Darkside Releasing)
Phoenix: Perfect Collection
Police Story 1 & 2 (Eureka Classics - Import)
Popeye the Sailor: The 1940s - Volume 3
South Park: Seasons 11 - 15
South Park: Seasons 16 - 20
Straight on Till Morning (Scream Factory)
Support Your Local Gun Fighter (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
Support Your Local Sheriff (Kino Lorber Studio Classics)
To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story
Who Saw Her Die? (Arrow Video)

Alien Invasion (2019)
Baby Nymph
Black Mamba
The Bloody Ape
Close Calls
Dragon Riders
The Eggs of Darkness Have Hatched
Gangsters Incorporated
Manson: Music from an Unsound Mind
Miss Tulip Stays the Night
Mock & Roll
The Mummy Rebirth
Nerdland (Unrated)
The Night Sitter
Return of the Scarecrow
Tattoo of Revenge
VHS Nasty
The Vicious Sweet
Young Hannah: Queen of the Vampires (VCI)

Batman: 4K UHD Film Collection
Contains: Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin.

Initial D Legend: Theatrical Collection (Section 23)
Contains: Initial D Legend 1,2, and 3.

Noir Archive: Volume 3 
Contains: Crimson Kimono, The Lineup, Man on a String, The Shadow in the Window, The Long Haul, Pickup Alley, The Case Against Brooklyn, She Played With Fire, and The Tijuana Story.

House of Hell Collection
Contains: American Horror House, Mask Maker, House of Bones, and The Dunwich Horror.

Savage Nature Collection
Contains: Flu Birds, Headless Horseman, Monster Wolf, and WolvesBayne.

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